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What happens when you master meditation?

I know it supposed to be really good for you to meditate, and it takes a long time to master, but in the end…what happens while you are meditating? Are you dreaming…or….unconscious…i don’t even know. I’d love to start practicing meditation, but i would like to know what the end result would be like.


  1. The goal is to completely empty yourself until you can seperate your conscious mind from your sense of self, or identity. This is called ‘ego-loss’ and is the major stumbling block to enlightenment.
    Once you realize yourself as pure consciousness without identity, you can see plainly that you are the same as all other conscous life. This creates a sense of being ‘one with everything’.

  2. It’s not really something that you can “master.” Enlightenment is a series of steps on an endless journey, and each time you meditate, you have taken a single step.

  3. There is a feeling that you are transcending time and space.
    There is a feeling of peace and connection with all things.
    Sometimes strange truths will occur to you seemingly out of no where.
    Other people have told me some people can levitate off the ground.

  4. There is no mastering. No, you are not unconscious or dreaming. The idea of meditation is to be able to completely empty your mind of thoughts and such. You reach a plane of super consciousness where you become one with the universe. It is a hard concept to understand. It is called enlightenment.
    Don’t believe in flying and levitation stories. Meditation is not a magical art.

  5. well it depends on what kind of meditation you want to do, theres eastern meditation and theres biblical meditation. im not trying to push anything on anybody so plz dont take it that way! eastern med. is done by emptying the mind and meditating on a “mantra”( a sort of sound vibration) on the other hand biblical meditation is done by taking a scripture and talking to “yahweh”(the God of the bible) about it in simple prayer asking him what it means and believing the answer :and you are fully awake and in control. the end result of biblical meditation is getting to know God and his Son Jesus Christ in a personal way and his truths and increased peace over time and according to the bible, eternal life.

  6. It is not dreaming or unconsciouness. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with an end result.
    Think about playing a musical piece on the instrument…what is the end result of reaching the end of the song? Actually the playing of the song and the music as it is happening is far more important than when it is completed.
    Likewise, meditation is a practice of being aware. There is joy and deep peace in this…it is fun to do. It really doesn’t take a long time to master…it is just people have a hard time sometimes of letting everything go and just sitting in awareness.
    Try this very simple, yet powerful meditation in the article ‘Effortless Meditation’ at http://www.awaken2life.org/published-articles/74-effortless-meditation.html
    It can be done for a couple minutes or an hour.
    Also of possible interest is a 15-minute audio podcast episode called ‘The Art of Meditation’ (ep. 6) at http://www.awaken2life.org/podcast-more-oom.html but you would need to register first to get access to these older episodes.
    ~ Eric Putkonen


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