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What happens when you have a near death experience?

You die, and then go back alive. So what is is. Can you see a light, god, or are you looking over the people?


  1. Yes you can see a light and hear music and see all of your dead friends and relatives. My best freind has clinically died twice and was brought back to life. She has been on her way to heaven and seen all of this and can’t wait to go back. She has made me promise if I find her pulseless and not breathing that I will NOT start CPR on her and I will honor her wish.

  2. my bro’s friend’s mother died and came back alive…it was the right timing.well she said that she saw this gold shining bright stairs leading her to heaven… she looked around and luckily she didnt go up or she could have died forever

  3. i read a medical article about a woman who was pronounced medically dead (no heart rate…etc) then she started shouting i see jesus! then came back alive. she told her story of seeing a bright light and heading towards heaven. i also read another about a guy who was going in and out of being dead and alive and shouted and kicking help, im on fire! im in hell save me!! and then he came back alive and started going to church and became a christian
    take that atheists

  4. My brother had one when he was 8 years old. He wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse for over 5 minutes. He was pronounced dead. He said he remembered seeing people looking over his body and praying for him. My Dad was holding him in his arms and crying, but somehow he came to and woke up. He had been hit by a truck carrying a trailor that was carrying a boat. And it happened on his birthday.
    In the end, not a single bone was broken in his body, but he did have tire-markings on his head and his ears.

  5. Some people see a white light or they meet people from another lifetime or people who have died before them. Some even say they see Jesus or the light of god or whatever. Other people say they just saw black for a little while and then they woke up. Unfortunatly, you won’t know until you have it happen.

  6. different people experience different things, some say they see their own body and feel they are watching from above, others say the were floating towards a white light, and there have even been stories about people saying somebody else’s spirit takes place in their body and they feel out of place and don’t know who they are…

  7. 11 years a go be for my dad died one time he went to the doctors and was walking out and just died . when they brought him back to life and my sister ask him what it was like he would never answer that to us so anyway i don,t know the answer but i well say this i am not in no hurry to find out what he didn,t tell us


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