Home Discussion Forum what happens when you combine crystal healing and marijuana?

what happens when you combine crystal healing and marijuana?

like, i got a new wooden pipe today, and it has a tiny lapis lazuli stone embedded in the stem of it. does anyone have any experience/knowledge about mixing crystals and weed to get the crystal’s properties? i can only imagine they go well together, being earth’s creation and all.


  1. Are you for serious? The crystal with do fuck all, as it usually does, since crystal healing is a load of rubbish.
    You know what else is Earth’s creation? Cyanide…. Mercury…. Uranium…

  2. You end up stoned, with stones. Crystals have no mystical properties, if you can prove that any of them do, or any form of supernatural powers exist, contact your nearest Skeptic Society to claim your $100,000 prize.
    Either that, or sit back down, and stop being a hippy polluting the internet with pseudo-science.

  3. I guess if you were using this as crystal therapy it depends what crystals are in the pipe (wow this is kinda weird) It depends where you got the pipe and if they are actually crystals or just glass.
    (never heard of smoking the power of crystals good luck with your “healing” experience)


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