What happens when you break a buddha statue?





Following are Excerpts from Osho Book : The Razor’s Edge

The first thing to be understood: you will be surprised to know that the Buddha statues have nothing to do with Gautam Buddha. They are all false, they don?t resemble Buddha at all, but they have something to do with buddhahood. Not with Gautam Buddha, the person ? they have something to do with buddhahood.

You can go into a Jain temple and you will see twenty-four statues of twenty-four TEERTHANKARAS, the founders of Jainism, and you will be unable to make out any difference between them; they are all alike. To make a distinction, Jains make small symbols on them to know who is who, because they are all alike. So if somebody?s symbol is a line figure, then just underneath the feet is a small line figure. Then they know whose statue this is. Somebody?s symbol is a snake ? then they know whose statue this is. If those symbols were hidden, not even a Jain could make any demarcation.

Whose statue is this? Mahavir?s? Parswanatha?s? Adinatha?s? And you will also be surprised to know that they are exactly like Buddha ? no difference.

In the beginning, when the West became acquainted with Mahavir, they thought it was nothing but the same story of Buddha, because the statue is the same, the philosophy is the same, the understanding is the same, the teaching is the same ? so it was just the same thing; it was nothing different from Buddha.

They thought Mahavir was another name for Buddha. And of course both were called Buddhas ? ?Buddha? means ?the awakened one? so Buddha was called Buddha and Mahavir was also called Buddha. And both were called Jains ? ?Jain? means the ?conqueror?, one who has conquered himself. Buddha is called ?the Jain? and Mahavir is called ?the Jain?, so they thought that they were just the same person.

And the statues were a great proof: they look absolutely alike. They are not photographic, they don?t represent a person, they represent a certain state.

You will have to understand it, then the thing will be explained. In India, three words are very important: one is TANTRA, which we are talking about, another is MANTRA, and the third is YANTRA.

TANTRA means techniques for expanding your consciousness.

MANTRA means finding your inner sound, your inner rhythm, your inner vibration. Once you have found YOUR MANTRA, it is of tremendous help: just one utterance of the MANTRA and you are in a totally different world.

That becomes the key, the passage, because once uttering that MANTRA, you fall into your natural vibe.

And the third is YANTRA. These statues are YANTRAS. YANTRA means a certain figure which can create a certain state in you. A certain figure, if you look at it, is bound to create a certain state in you.

When you watch something, it is not only that the figure is outside ? when you watch something, the figure creates a certain situation in you. Gurdjieff used to call this ?objective art?. And you know it: listening to modern pop music, something happens in you ? you become more excited sexually.

There is nothing but sound outside, but the sound hits inside ? creates something in you. Listening to classical music, you become less sexual, less excited. In fact, with great classical music you almost forget sex, you are in a tranquility, a silence, a totally different dimension of your being. You exist on another place.

Watching a Buddha statue is watching a YANTRA. The figure of the statue, the geometry of the statue, creates a figure inside you. And that inside figure creates a certain vibe. It was not just imagination that happened to you.

Samagra, in the Frankfurt museum; those Buddha statues created a certain vibe in you.
Watch the state of Buddha sitting so silently, in a certain yoga posture.

If you go on watching the statue, you will find something like that is happening within you too.

If you are in company where ten persons are sad, and you are the eleventh person, how long can you remain happy? Those ten persons will function like a YANTRA, a YANTRA of sadness: you will fall into sadness sooner or later.

If you are unhappy and you go into company where people are joking and laughing, how long can you remain sad? Those laughing people will create laughter in you. They will change your focus, they will change your gear; you will start moving in a different direction.

This happens every day ? knowingly, unknowingly.

When you watch a full moon, what happens to you?

Or when you listen to the birds and look at the green trees, what happens to you?

When you go into a forest and look at the greenery, what happens to you? Something green inside starts happening.

Green is the colour of nature, green is the colour of spontaneity, green is the colour of life ? something green starts happening in you.

The outer colour reflects something inside, vibrates with something inside, creates something inside. Looking at a green tree you become more alive? you become younger!

Excerpts from

Osho Book : The Razor’s Edge


Originally the following question was posted in Discussion Forum

My friend broke a small buddha statue about the same length and width of a regular shampoo container. Is there any belief or super stition of what might happen?


  1. I have a laughing Buddha idol…which was accidently broken by me….now I am feeling like it is unlucky for me as because my grocery shop which was running well is not going good now…. What shall I do?

  2. a broken buddha sells less or no more value than a complete buddha.
    i have a lot of jade buddha that i wanted to sell and they are broken statues about 15 pieces of different sizes of buddha. i am not a buddhaism follower but just wanted to sell them for some cash. make me an offer or need a contact where to sell those.

  3. I gifted my friend a laughing buddha which was in my house before bcoz he liked it is it ok to do that as it qas before in my house ?

    • I wouldn’t do that because Buddha pick up the bad stuff in the house and if you give it to someone els your bad stuff will go to that person house

      • Somebody just gave me & my daughter a laughing bronzed Buddhas that has a broken foot n a few small chips on he’s head…. If what you say is true then what should I do with it now??

  4. It denotes trelationship protection. Laughing Buddha is a symbol of prosperity and beginning of a new relationship. The breaking of the laughing Buddha denotes the protection of an important relationship. If the Buddha slips from your hands and breaks.

  5. Prince Siddhartha becomes a Buddha because he realizes the Dharma, and one of the important Dharma is the law of impermanence which states that all things arises will cease to exist. So is the breaking of the Buddha status which has demonstrated this law. If your friend (and you) understand this and contemplate this, the Dharma and the Buddha is with you. If your friend doesn’t understand this and is worried of superstitious believes, then the Dharma and the Buddha is not with you.

  6. What happens? Ummm…your friend has to sweep up the pieces?
    There’s no superstition about it…in fact, you’re not supposed to be attached to things. The vast majority of Buddhists don’t believe that it’s anything more than an ordinary object.
    It’s fine.

  7. Absolutely not. The Buddhist religion resists superstition, though it is rich in symbolism. The journey on the path to enlightenment is achieved from within and not bound in the material world. You can take a small step forward on your own journey by accepting the loss of the statue graciously, understanding that it is simply a possession that can be replaced.
    I have found a number of fine Buddha statues at BigBuddhaStatue.com for my own collection. You might look there if you hope to replace it.

  8. Nothing, it’s just a statue.
    A buddhist will tell you the same; they’re not worshiping the object, or worshiping anything for that matter.
    They’re quest for salvation is entirely up to them and everything that happens on their journey to spiritual “liberation” is in their own hands(not up to some god, spirit or mystical being.)

  9. yes the buddah himself enters your body thru your butthole and stays there until you eat chinese food.
    at that point if the food you ordered is good he takes a liking to you and forgives you for breaking the statue but if the food is not good he gives you hemmoroids.

  10. Nothing will happen expect that the statue is broken into pieces.
    Buddha is not a God. And no God is in the idol.
    Jesus loves you.

  11. It is believed by many that if it is made from glass it should be thoroughly removed from the floor while protecting bare hands before stepping on sharp shards. The curse is likely sharp pains and bleeding if you neglect the cleanup.

  12. nothing will happen…but your friend needs to pay for the damage their created > that’s Universal Law. So, have your friend pay for the statue, ASAP. NEVER disobey Universal Laws, NEVER !
    Peace be with You

  13. no. buddhists believe that attachment is the ultimate bond to break to ease suffering. so if anything you’re friend could learn a lesson about loss and to let it go.

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