Home Discussion Forum What happens when the telepathy stops?

What happens when the telepathy stops?

Meaning, what happens when the world no longer receives my thoughts?
Will I be dead right when it happens, will I die after being cured by an organization, or will I live?


  1. You will live to see the world’s reaction, however, after that you will attempt suicide, until , fatefully, you will succeed. I’m sorry, you will never be REALLY cured, the telepathy will only be ‘paused’ and later will hit you harder than ever before. The organization cannot be trusted – its all lies.

  2. No you will not be dead but, you may not be able to plug into the universe. your telepathy may be uselful to other. but it is a gift from god. It may or may not help you materially. it should be used for upliftment of mankind.
    When telepathy stops, what then ? You need not worry, god has a higher calling for you. I have a beautiful psalm for you ‘the stones which the builders rejected as worthless, turned out to be a cornerstone……this is the work of the Lord, praise his name”


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