Home Discussion Forum What happens when the death tarot card is reversed?

What happens when the death tarot card is reversed?

Does it mean the ending has been stopped from happening?


  1. I think it means a rebirth of sorts. If the one way is life to death, the reverse would be death to life.
    Sounds like a bad start to a zombie movie. XD

  2. I’m no expert, but I think it means the transformation taking place may be delayed, or the person in question (could be the querent, or someone/thing in their life) is resisting change. They need to learn to accept whatever is changing in their life.

  3. There are a few different ways of reading reversals. They’re generally agreed to be some kind of corruption of the upside’s message — and the Death card is a controversial one even for that.
    Method A is that reversals demonstrate the more negative qualities of whatever the regular interpretation would suggest (for example, a card usually indicating ‘faithfulness’ might become ‘obsession’ reversed.)
    Method B is to imagine the scene on the card turned upside down, the setting subject to gravity, and interpret what that would mean for the card. (Example, cards featuring people toasting cups become people toasting with empty cups, since the contents of any cup would be drained were the scene overturned.)
    Method C is to figure a reversal is a blockage of the card’s usual judgment.
    Method D is to go a step beyond, and interpret it as a full-on opposite of the card’s usual judgment.
    You can hopefully use this to decide on which is right for your card.

  4. Hello Obscure
    It would depend on the layout, its position & the question asked as well as the reader’s method of reading.
    But as an individual card Death reversed shows acceptance of the forced change brought about by its upright energy.
    *see profile*


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