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What happens when an object on a circular track is accelerated faster than the speed of light? Time travel?

What happens when an object on a circular track is accelerated faster than the speed of light? Time travel? Will the object run into itself?

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  • simply if something was to traval faster than the speed of light it would convert and have infinite mass. very confusing and long theory behind it.

  • when an observer sees the object travel at the speed of light, it length may appear shorter..

    the object may also gain weight..

    that is according to einstein..

  • Albert Einstein hypothesized it is impossible to travel faster than light. So, I suppose this is science fiction. If you could travel faster than the speed of light, I suppose you could travel through time, the object could run into itself, it could break apart and be in many places at once, it could jump through space (hyperspace, warp, wormhole, all sorts of terminology for this), or any number of other ideas.

    But, in short, travelling faster than the speed of light is a false premise.

  • Since no object can go faster than the speed of light anyway, what difference would it make if it’s on a straight or circular path?

    Light speed isn’t infinite speed, it’s just very very fast. Even if you could get something to go that fast on a circular pathway (and we nearly do just that with particle accelerators), it will still never run into itself.

  • Why would it run into itself? It can’t move faster than itself, since it has to have a finite speed. Since we are unsure of the properties and changes that occur when an object reaches this theoretical speed, it’s a bit of a moot question.

  • That’s interesting. According to Einstein, any object approaching the speed of light becomes total energy. The mass disappears, it becomes energy. Besides, you can’t accelerate anything beyond the speed of light. Light is supposed to be the limit, the ultimate in the Physical aspect. Thought waves, they say are faster than light, it could go to the past and to the future, but that is either occult or Sci-Fi.
    So, light in a circular path? You have violated so many assumptions. First, you accelerated beyond the speed of light, then you bend light. Wow. Einstein destroyed the Law of conservation of Matter, that matter can neither be created or destroyed. But you went beyond Einstein. Keep up dude. Nice imagination. It doesn’t cost us any.

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