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What happens to your soul after Reincarnation?

ok, I have just asked myself this and so far no one knows. When your Soul is done being reincarnated time and time again, where does it go? Does it go to the location of the gods and goddesses and help them? What happenes to the soul? Is there a reason why there are so many people living on this world? Where do they come from? HELP!!!!


  1. your premise is flawed: we live once and die. our soul goes to heaven or hell depending on whether you have made Jesus your savior or not.

  2. There is no reincarnation
    There is only one Lord in triune form
    They come from a chamber hidden somewhere near the belts of Orion Constellation (Read Job)

  3. If there’s a soul its probably in the brain. Meaning it will decompose along with the brain. As for reincarnation, that stuff is booty dawg

  4. You soul is just another level of separation. Ultimately, reincarnation will continue until all ideas of separation are given up. If you give these ideas up, then your soul no longer exists as an entity, but as a part of the collective.

  5. Nothing in this universe goes waisted. When a tree dies, it rots for some years, and becomes black fertile soil to grow again into a tree. Our souls, our conscienceness, We are a part of nature, and nothing in nature ever goes waisted. I can’t tell you the specifics of the reincarnation, though many religions have come up with dogmas to explain it, from the River Stix to crossing the Abyss. I tend to think dogmas are all metaphor, and they just try to tell in story what we know must happen, when we don’t know how it happenes.

  6. From the standpoint of a Born Again Christian, the soul returns to the original owner after being safeguarded in Heaven. This is based on the assumption that you will, in fact, be found worthy to participate in the Resurrection. There is no reincarnation, and certainly not time and time again. The Bible tells that we are given once to die. I believe this to be Truth. The problem appears to be your choice of what to believe spiritually. I sense confusion, and confusion does not come from God. With that said, consider the source of that confusion. Be well.

  7. Who says we are reincarnated? If you believe the bible, God says, in 2 Corinthians 5:8 to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
    Yes, our souls live on but not as reincarnated;we will be who we were, but in Resurrected bodies.

  8. Can human consciousness survive without a brain??
    A curious dilemma accompanies proposals to keep people alive forever by “uploading” their memories and consciousness onto a computer or outfitting them with new bodies sometime after their deaths — bodies which are identical to the originals in physical structure and the makeup of memories.
    Even if, hypothetically, after your death, it were possible to replicate the exact same physical structure and memories of the exact same life history as you have at present,
    I doubt that this individual would have the same state of awareness that you presently have of your existence and surroundings.

  9. Theory is among the group I believe really know is that your soul is reincarnated until it is satisfied that it has learned everything. Those with religious back grounds believe your soul goes on to be sent through the levels of heaven and finally go to be with God unless they never get it right and choose not to come back and are left in their chosen suspension. I do believe this is what is refered to as the Christian hell but I think they have the definition of hell a little wrong. I am not sure but I think Pagans are sent back until they see the light, not that they are wrong they are just on a path. I was Pagan and still have many nature related beliefs but through research and development how come to believe the Gods and Goddesses are not asking for our worship and are there to help with guidance and support but there is one God, the creator who created everything and sets us on a path. No one’s beliefs are wrong and I am still researching where all these souls come from and I know one day I will find the answer. I am thinking that currently due to free will that all of the beings ever created are currently on earth, a beautiful planet. I also support most scientific research as I do believe there are answers there too. We will all know when we pass and I am content to try to find as many answers why I am here and look forward to what I may learn in the next life too. I always stay open to listening to anyone elses opinion on the subject as they may be closer to leaving the earth for good and know more. I also leave the possibility that I may have been misinformed open and search daily for the complete truth. We are all on a path.

  10. Big question! Imagine a tree. Each twig on a branch is one of your incarnations. Each branch on a bough is an oversoul…and so on back to unity, the trunk. Every section is a greater or lesser aspect of God and every one is connected. Christians into reincarnation might sum this up as “I am the vine, you are the branches”. Here’s a better-than-nothing Wikipedia article to give you a little to chew on…


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