• When exercising vigorously like running you start to breathe more because your body needs more and more oxygen to help it perform its daily functions. Doing aerobics will allow your muscles to do more work over a longer period of time by deliver oxygen to the muscles. This will also get your heart rate up which will too allow you to be able to do more work.

  • increases,
    in the easy reason, your muscles produce CO2 much faster and your body need to transfer it out of the body

  • well your breathing and heart rate increase due to the increased muscle activity, which means your burning energy or ATP. Do do this and keep your body going requires more oxygen than usual, so your breathing increases to meet these demands.

  • The rate of breathing increases at the time of physical activities because the demand of oxygen increases.
    The rate of breathing increases upto 20- 25 times per minute during vigorous exercise..

  • Rate of breathing increases so the body can obtain more oxygen to bring to the cells. Oxygen is an ingredient in cellular respiration which creates ATP or in other words, it creates energy.

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