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What happens to the Heart Chakra Energy when someone undergoes a heart transplant?

According to ESSORTMENT:
“The heart chakra energy resonates with unconditional loving. From here, humans can reach out to one another with compassion and healing. Suggestions for nurturing 4th chakra power.”
So if the Heart Chakra is so central to unconditional love, what happens when a person must have a heart transplant in order to delay death?
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  1. Chakras are associated with parts of the body to help with visualization. It’s a meditation tool. This energy is not contained within the parts with which they are associated. Colors are associated with them as well, but it’s just to help you with focus.

  2. Good question. I don’t know the answer. Also what if the person they get the heart from was a hateful person? I have read that some really strange things can happen when one gets a heart transplant. There seem to be some carryover from the donor. One woman started craving beer and chicken nuggets which was the favorite food of the man that she got the heart from. Strange.

  3. As your statement says Chakra is Energy… not a particular body part. It’s a visual point of concentration and meditation. Energy is universal – how it’s focused determines its use.

  4. We develop our chakras and the heart is the mediator of all chakras, the place of love.
    I’ve also read of cravings changing but not of great personality changes. As we are each sewing our own deathless, seamless garment and the heart chakra is the focus of this, it doesn’t make any sense that it would stay with the physical heart, but with the soul and consciousness.

  5. The Heart chakra like all chakras have as their grounding the overall physical body. Since Soul when in the physical plane wears a physical body, all thereto defers to the physical body. So — when the body achieves of good health, the chakras respond in kind and do work to facilitate health.
    The physical location of a chakra often expresses at a different part of the body from that which one would otherwise suspect. This is because the physical body is but one of a cohort of others working as a team. Rest assured, Spirit has designed ample redundancies to offset inconsistencies that arise in the physical realm.
    If you were to ask What happens to the Heart itself when a heart valve undergoes a transplant, the answer here would be different but if successful, the result would be same — that of enhanced health…
    The chakras cross-collaborate with still other realms (as you may well know) and with other inner bodies that correspond with those realms. A chakra, each, is a veritable vortex of energy, signatured with frequencies and working well in tandem with the other vortices of the body by means of light and sound. If there follow radical changes, these vortices adjust proportionately.
    Nothing to fear here… That is due to the most powerful of all frequencies that you did so well outline — that of unconditional love…and it is this selfsame and outrageous power, which overrules all other frequencies, signatures, and echoes within and without.

  6. Your Aura and chakras have a lot to do with each other, by the time this person is out of the hospital that energy spot will be filled, With all the prayer one gets from loved ones. That has a lot to do with the energy healing , Because with your prayer you are sending positive energy. So no worries.

  7. The correct answer is it does not exist. The heart is just an organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels.
    Chakra is unfounded just like the “soul” is.
    I suppose this is why the heart is the Valentines day symbol.

  8. The heart chakra energy is a music , heart is a music instrument you may change the instrument (heart) but the music (chakra energy) remain the same . only thing is player must know how to play.

  9. The spiritual energy which is the heart chakra, is not the same thing as the physical heart. The heart chakra might temporarily be damaged as the chest is opened up, but if you are asking if you stop being you, or stop loving in the way you normally do, no. It isn’t really a matter of that energy residing in your physical heart. Chakras are points of energy in the human aura that are aligned with the spine. The need for physical healing as the chest has been opened could cause the heart chakra to become unbalanced for awhile, and cause mood swings, depression, temper and as the healing progresses, the energy field there needs to heal as well. This chakra, if balanced well before the surgery, could also aid in the physical healing.
    I have heard the occasional story of a “haunted” heart. but as near as I have been able to determine on that, it passes very quickly, mostly a residual energy left there. As the previous occupant realizes he or she is dead, and moves on, most likely if would dissipate fairly quickly. If a permanent change is noted, a new habit, or craving or whatever that belonged to the prior owner, I would say that is likely that permission has been given on a soul level for some of that energy to be allowed to stay, out of sadness that someone had to die for it, and gratitude for the gift of life, so a small part of the other may continue, with permission to be there. I don’t think anyone need worry about receiving the heart of someone who didn’t lead a good life. My mother just had open heart surgery, she had a pig’s valve installed, I havn’t observed any piggy qualities in her, she is still very much my mom.:)

  10. Don’t you mean to say “What happens to the Chakra Energy…” when someone believes in Chakra Energy? In my case I don’t believe in it so nothing happens to it because it doesn’t exist.


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