What happens to the consciousness after suicide?

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Does the consciousness move down a level or does one find oneself in the same soul condition. Doesnt seem worth it if youre just gonna pick up where you left off.

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You die. No consciousness.


You can’t go anywhere after suicide. You stay in the middle.


You have none! once you are dead you are completely out.


same soul condition
Still having the same thoughts and feelings


When you die it’s either heaven or hell.

srg pepper

actually when you die a huge release of DMT goes through your brain, so after suicide you trip the f*ck out for a good 15 minutes before your brain dies, then its not a question of consciousness living on its a question of your immortal soul living on

Big dummy with common sence.

Personally, I think you have to die to find out what is going to happen in the afterlife. There are billions of people on earth who think they know the answer to your question because of all the brainwashing they have been through their entire lives, but only the dead can answer your question.


If by consciousness you are referring to the spirit or soul then it depends on your choices in life. Did you accept God’s forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ or did you die in your sins. If the former you are present with the Lord in paradise, if you chose the latter then unfortunately you are lost forever.


I am a medium and I know that everyone goes to the same place, whether they are a mass murderer or a nun. we all go back to our soul groups, we then share our life’s experiences with our soul group. I believe every ones life is planned before they are even born, we carry this plan in our subconscious, if suicide is the way someone is supposed to die they will if its not they won’t. I do believe we are here to learn so its always better to try to see everything in your life as part of your learning, you learn more from the bad times in life than you do the goodtimes.


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