Home Discussion Forum What happens to the auras of two persons when they make love?

What happens to the auras of two persons when they make love?

WT&WJ: With spirituality…
To spur4eight: Yes I will give her the points if nothing better comes along.


  1. They usually flame outwards and become larger and a bright red color. They may even mix and become an even brighter red color. There may be hues of pink in their aura as well.
    This is assuming that the two people who are doing this really love each other or feel strongly for one another.
    To spur4eight: … uh… thanks?

  2. I think this may be the first time I’ve been able to really agree with any of Megami’s posts, but I do (mostly).
    I can’t say much about the “color”, but I can say that the two do indeed “mix”. Even when they separate, parts of their spirits stay “mixed”.
    This is what the Bible refers to as “becoming one flesh”, and a major reason to only have sex inside the commitment of marriage.
    This is why very promiscuous people often become mentally unstable, and at the very least “hardened” to the deeper levels of their personality.
    Edit: Megami – what I mean is that I agree with your conclusion, I just disagree with how you arrived at your conclusion.


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