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What happens to the 9 tailed Fox chakra?

around episode 91-96 regular naruto episodes, while NAruto finally gets the rasengan and uses it against Kabuto, he is hit with some medical jutsu thing . Kabuto says that he wont be able to use the chakra of the 9 tail fox anymore. So does Naruto ever get to use it? Or is it really cut off and naruto cant use it, because he always pretty much uses it everytime hes in a tight spot.


  1. Naruto is completely fine! he can still use rasengan and there is a naruto sequel. Shippuden. He’s fine and so is the show. don’t worry.

  2. No Tsunade heals him… and it is at this point whilst defending naruto that she realises how important the leaf village really is, and decides to become the 5th. Plus Naruto uses it later on in the series and hurts Sakura (by accident) so then he undertakes lessons on how to control the fox.

  3. No Kabuto, sucks. He can’t cut is way through a piece of paper, let alone Naruto’s chakra. Naruto has now sense fought his way to stardom, now.


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