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What happens to people who practice black magic?

I wonder what happens to people who practice black magic on others and spoil other people’s lives. Do they get away with it? Does anyone have any real life examples of people who get away with it or don’t?


    • I had black magic on me since I was a child, I have been in the unseen world felt hell heard the devils voice it is not nice more than religion better to be a good person. I saw ghosts saw the dead felt spirits

  1. Should those who do not believe in black magic forsake that idea as a bad or evil thing to which some form of punishment should derive from?

  2. Whatever they do. For example if they put needles in a pillow, they put needles in a pillow.
    It doesn’t work.

  3. The only “bad” that might happen to such practitioners as a result, is the psychological pain of their own self-induced guilt trip. If you honestly believe that you are responsible for another person’s misfortune, and then deeply regret your action, then it’s going to feel like you’re getting something “back”.
    There’s no need to bring crazy notions of “karma” or the “3-fold law” into the picture when psychology already explains things.

  4. It comes back 3 times over to the sender. It happens faster if their target is in any way shielded.
    It’s a far better use of time and magic to improve one’s own personal circumstances than to drag someone else down, or like that up coming movie “Drag Me to Hell”.

  5. No such thing as black magic. Magic is neither good nor bad. It just is. It’s a word to describe the universal energy that resides within everything and everyone. It’s pure. What people do with it makes it good or bad.
    Some believe in a three fold rule. Whatever you put out into the universe you get back times three. Personally I can see how negative/positive energy links with like energies. If you meet a really happy friendly person in line at the store, you are more likley to respond to them with happiness yourself.
    But I don’t know if it’s something that always happens. Just that it’s more likely to happen.
    I think in the end it all evens out in one life or another.

  6. hey people im songa from inuyahsa if your reading this my boy friend the monk he said if you use that an dimonic ora penitrates your body! 🙂 dont mess with it thanks for reading!

  7. Black magic exsists it happened to me. Don’t make fun of it. If it ever happens to you personally then you’ll become a believer. Ps. Persians practice black magic to destroy peoples lives.

    • You are right, I had black magic on me since I was a child and now I am 40, all cleared but left my health damaged and my life ruined I just pray to God they get what they deserve, I am a single mum with two kids, my ex husband left for a woman who did black magic on me causing divorce. Now, I am struggling as I lost a lot of money because of him and her to clear the magic but it wore off however this fake pandit scammed me.

    • Black magic is real, I have been through it for all my life, I saw the unseen world heard the devils voice felt hell its horrid its dark and they hate God they are jealous of Him

  8. I speak from experience if you use black magic on a person they will get the effect nothing will happen to the giver but if it is used uncontrollably the user will loose their sence of humanity and become evil you have to use it with control or after using it use a blessing spell to cleanse yourself plus if you don’t cast the spell right it may backfire onto you but remember you can charm an item so magic doesn’t affect you then you wouldn’t be affected by the backfire.

  9. hello , im shoked i dont think that you honestly experienced something that kind but im facinated at the same time cause i kind of beleaved into it a little bit , i want to contact you if thats possible , thankyou

  10. they get punished by god
    all ther spells repel on them
    there is black magic but thats not its name the real name is witchcraft or seher
    when you do witchcraft is when the devil foo you and then he will posses you case you sold your soul by learning what god banned from us

  11. that is true if they cast a spell on you and your trust in god is cemented the spell will only turn back on the person who cast it 10x harder.I’m a child of GOD and I trust him keep me safe and humble from this mess that they are trying to create.

  12. Black magic does exist and some people are constantly targetted so don’t be a fool and disbelieve I myself has been targetted all my life by black magicians

    • Me too, but they were my family and my ex’s mistress. I had black magic on me since I was a child, now I am 40 all cleared but left my health bad

  13. I just tried black magic because i want to be rich and wealthy. I did a money spell and now i have to wait 24 hours….. Im scared and im 11 years old. help me I wish to not die im too young. Guys help!

    • @shzer Hey! I want to ask you i need the same thing what u needed wealth and happiness u said u performed black magic did it work?. For how long are you alive? And black magic to become rich n to be happy is not done to anyone its for your own self… Will it effect?

    • did u do it yourself? and where are your parents? God will forgive u because your a child and innocent but I would not personally use any kinda magic for anything … trust me . You will be an adult soon and you will work hard for your money, usually the first thing to do any magic come real is to sell your soul to the devil and u don’t want that.

  14. I just want to know that if somebody has done black magic on one’s family is it not right to get it shake off ?? Does getting shake it off will make us any harm ?? Similarly getting your love to you by black magic or love spell will cause you or your partner any harm ?? Absolute suggestions please..

  15. Black magic users get closer to death because they draw from the dead. Ive had one attacking me for 4 years and the last i heard of her is her energy completely turned and she was losing family members to death. Ive always been a light based spiritual person with some flaws from my childhood, those flaws finally made me susceptible and i can promise you, you will do one of two things with this, become like christ or kill yourself. there is no other route. Dealt with an attack the last 4 days and used powerful prayers against them yesterday exhausted me but there is a way to break their charms and bring it right back to them, as a christian you then need to dispel their demons though , they are alive because god is hesitant to kill what he creates until there is no other recourse

    • Hey Vernon, your very strong but may I ask you if you think someone done black magic on you? because I had black magic on me since a child hood, I am in my 40s now, I was the same, very drained because these demons used to attack me in my sleep and wanted to kill me, luckily all these people that done the black magic are either dead or got what they wanted so its a lot better. I also had to go to a witch to break the black magic, my home is much clearer but unfortunately my health is very bad because of the black magic done by these selfish people. The ways to break magic are make that person admit they did black magic or let the magic wore off then everything seems better however mentally effects yourself.

  16. Please believe you can do all things threw chirst that strengths you if you live under gods words. And believe and have faith no evil spirits can come in your spirit don’t let the devil control your mine and God does repay the black magic evil doers an some results can in death for them God hates workers of inquity

    • Thank you Kim for that enlightenment because I just wanted to hear that but sad thing is we don’t know how and if those wrong doers are suffering because we cannot see them but like you said to have faith. I have been very depressed since finding out that I had black magic on me my entire life since a child, from my fathers family then my sister done it then my ex’s ex girlfriend done black magic then some fake spiritualist who claims he is Godly was a impostor and did black magic so it is very traumatising and from my ex I have two children so I am a struggling single mum which is very hard to cope with all this

  17. Ive had black magic done on me from a girl ive only known for about 2 weeks. Its still continuing on to this day. All the people Ive gone to look for to help lift the curse are all robbers and fakes, not one of them are real, they just make random shit up. Only within two weeks I fell deeply in love with her, even though deep down in my heart I know I still loved my girlfriend at the time. Its like I was forced to love her. The good news is, she is suffering now but all the time she wasted of mine cant come back. Its a lose lose situation for the two of us, but yet she was the one who initiated it first. I have lost everything in my life and hated god due to her black magic, the only thing I was protected from was outer harm (everything that harms my spirit has been done to me) . Is there a method to retrieve everything I lost back?

    • How do you heal from black magic? from all the damage? I was under black magic my entire life since a child and its left me heart broken and depressed. My ex’s mistress done black magic on me for 8 years and its been 6 years since the black magic calmed down but left me mentally, physically and emotionally broken and no healing is helping.


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