What happens in your brain when you listen to meditation music?

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I am listening to it right now and it feels like there is something in the middle of my forehead and I also feel like I am about to drop off to sleep.

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i think it affects the frontal lobe (where thoughts happen) because of the conscious reaction you make when meditating or relaxing to the music. The slowed and relaxed thoughts may be what you are feeling.
that would explain the forehead feeling you are getting, as the frontal lobe is located (surprise surprise) in the front of your brain.


Dunno but it’s really relaxing. I couldn’t feel it though.


The middle of your forehead is your Third Eye — Your psychic center, where you feel/hear/see your spirituality.
I also highly recommend “guided meditation” with Flowdreaming.
You can try some of that on Hay House Radio and the website Flowdreaming.com.


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