What happens in the the Samatha meditation method?

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Does it include concentrate on breathing as well as focusing on one object or not? Because I’m confused.

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God answers all questions

nothing really happens


The word “samatha” means stopping. It is akin to the sanskrit term “Samadhi”. It is the practice of concentrating the mind on one object exclusively until the mind and its object are unified.
The breath is the most common object of samatha because it is easily accessible to all personality types. Other objects include colored disks, mantras, and sensations.
In Buddhist meditation practice, samatha is what leads to the unified mental states known as jhana (skt:dhyana). It is in these states that the Buddha remembered his previous lives and discovered the ancient path to Nirvana. However, jhana by itself is not the whole of the practice. Once the mind is sufficiently concentrated, the meditation practice changes to what is known as vipassana, or insight meditation.
Vipassana is the practice where you look at the phenomena of your experience in light of their impermanence, dukkha, and insubstantiality. This arouses insight into the nature of experience and uncovers the road to awakening.


Hello Amy
Just a single object.
That can be your breath as it is ever present, but if you get distracted by a noise for example then that can he your single focus for its duration. Then you return to the breath.
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Breathing can be the object of this meditation. It can also be physical objects that have meaning for you, or visual objects such as a candle flame, or even sound like the sound of a waterfall.


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