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What happens in a couples massage?

and what is a Kundalini Massgae?


  1. I had a couple’s massage in Jamaica, in a gazebo overlooking the ocean. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. First, we were instructed to go into the gazebo, which was closed around the side where people could see you, but open on the side of the ocean, so it was very private. We were told to take off our clothes and cover up with the sheet on the massage table. After a few minutes, two massage therapists came to the door and asked if we were ready. Then basically, one massaged me and the other massaged my husband. It was very romantic and quiet, and wonderful.
    As far as Kundalini massage, I”ve never had it done, but it has something to do with Kundlini Energy, which I don’t know alot about but it ties in with yoga. You can find more information at http://www.pothiyalai.com/kundalini_training.asp. We each had Swedish massages, which I would highly recommend because it leaves your body feeling sooooo incredible.
    Hope this helped.


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