What happens if you switch from one meditation to another? How long should the transition take?

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I’m used to a Wiccan meditation (although i’m not Wiccan). I’ve been doing it for about 5 years but I recently switched to a Zen technique that focuses on breathing. I don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of the Zen. Should I give it a while, or try something else?

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I think you are sorely confused.
There is no particular part of any meditation that is unique to a particular religion, it is the method that enhances the experience of the religion.
The zen medititation could be of particular significance if you had some zen teachings to contemplate on.
Similarly, there are no wiccan meditations per se, but doing one meditation that is popular among wiccans may hone skills needed.


just meditate
you don’t have to name it. some days i feel like watching my breath, some days i use my [brain blaster] meditation machine, some days i chant a mantra, some days i fall asleep.
do them all–the point of meditation is to [give up all forms] and become formless–and nameless. so JUST DO IT , have fun and improvise.


dance nude in the middle of the nite in a dark room. Not sure what help that well do for ya But it gives good imagination for others to ponder


Myriad’s got the right of this one, hun.


I also agree with Myriad but think there may be one more consideration that perhaps you are placing certain expectations on your practice which are causing this feeling. You want non-reactive observation of your thoughts.
Another consideration – it seems as though you have a specific goal. Perhaps the great secret of Zen is that there is no secret.
Stop letting the ego get in the way, and just ‘be’.


It depends on your purpose. I do not know what is the goal of Wiccan and Zen . But normally, there are two objectives for meditation practice of Buddhism. First, Samatha meditation is to make your mind clam down and more peaceful. It is suitable for relieve anxiety, and frustration. In Theravada there is one technique called Anapanasati ( observing breathing). Second, Vipassana exists only in Buddhism. It is the tool to attain the truth of your mind. The technique is different from Samatha. The purpose is to understand the phenomenon of mind in order to ease the process of suffering.


Switching means dissatisfaction and no number of switchings can ever take you to real meditation.Meditation means to learn to sit like a dead person for 3 to 6 hours daily so your soul can separate from the body mass and enter a new world,invisible now,,AND,when you achieve it,you will NOT want to get up.Meditation is your inner secret and has no brand names nor techniques,nor lessons nor CDs.CD only means “cash on delivery” and that is all humbug.”Learn to die so you can begin to live”-and-“Be still and know THAT “I AM” God”-Bible.All these so-called sri-sris,mahrishis,swamis never entered other world,how will they take you to-teach you about real meditation? gfr.


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