What happens if i get a Succubus demon pregnant?

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The offspring will steal your life force to use as their own.

One God Pagan

i think chuckie will be born

Willow the Monkey Nut

It will succubus you off.


You’ll probably wake up. Spiritual beings cannot be impregnated.


As a Demon-Lord, I’ll help in arranging an Abortion!


men think us mortal women can be TROUBLE !! all I gonna say…… lol…. go in peace… God bless


They’ll get you for child support your whole life while undermining your relationship with your child, of course.

✮ White Buddha ✮ aka Phoenyx ✮

You have it backwards, she will get YOU pregnant. Especially if you live in Soviet Russia.

Γνῶθι σεαυτόν zeitgeist pirate™

You start a new race.

The Arbiter

You become a father.


Name it Surrey.


You’ll end up with a very horny daughter who will later in life sneak into the bedrooms of boys and men, and do with them what was done to you. And before you know it, you’ll then be a grandfather of little female succubus demons. And they’ll go out and continue doing the work of their mother/grandmother. The good news is that after they have interbred with humans, over a period of time, the hereditary succubus gene will become more faint, and you’ll just have a people who are perfectly human. But of course every now and then, that succubus gene might sort of kick off and then the person who has that gene will become very horny too.


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