What happens if I do a chakra healing wrong?

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I’ve just begun to explore crystal healing and I was wondering what would happen if i some how messed up a chakra healing. Is it even possible? Any advice would be helpful! thank you!

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Nothing, since “chakra healing” does nothing anyway.


What happens is it doesn’t work…. so you go back and try again


Exactly the same as if you do it right ….. nothing.


dark jinn will come to haunt you.


you can not mess it up
everything is in your intent
and what youre putting forth


“Chakra healing” is nothing but pure superstition, so don’t worry about it. Just because someone calls it “ancient wisdom” doesn’t mean it’s real!

Charlie Don't Surf

You could burn out your chakras. New chakras could run you anywhere from $400 to $600, not to mention labor costs. Unless you are a trained chakra healer, it’s best to see a certified chakra healer. Also, when shifting between chakras, try not to ride the clutch.


If you are really concerned, just get chakra malpractice insurance. One can’t be too careful.


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