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What happens during an astral projection?

Do i see what there is actually when i project or do i see what i want to see?
for example can i see what is in a room without entering it using astral travel?


  1. During astral travelling, you are travelling at the speed of light. It’s so fast you won’t really know what hit you. I mean, like yesterday, I went to Venus. It was superfast. whooosh…super fast..!

  2. I have to tell you the truth Astral Projection is only the figment of the imagination of that person who first had wrote about it,

  3. If astral projection is real, then you should be able to travel anywhere, see something, come back, “wake up,” and then be able to check to see if what you saw is, in fact, actually there. For instance, travel to your friend’s house, see what clothing that friend is wearing, then, wake up, call the friend and see if you’re correct.
    Chances are that you’ll never have this ability….and chances are only slightly higher that this ability has any reality at all.
    Science simply is not finding any provable astral abilities out there.
    However, intuition can sometimes seem like astral projection. While in a dream state, your intuition about something can be incorporated into the dream’s material, and you might be deluded that your “guess” was a “fact seen while astral traveling.” Very very hard to sort this out if you’re intuition is very strong.
    I don’t believe in astral projection, yet, but I totally believe in intuition sometimes being amazingly accurate. Most folks have great intuitions but don’t know it, or don’t trust it. Like all things, practice makes perfect.
    Go to an airport, sit in a busy section, and just start “making things up” about the folks you see. Do this for a few thousand hours and you’ll be surprised at how this ability evolves into a trusted tool. Intuition is one of the hardest mental dynamics about which to achieve clarity. It’s swift and very subtle — hard to see the process, yet, bingo, there you are daily assuming things about strangers and you’re 100% correct.


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