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What happens after you die?

I’m not really asking what happens after you die, but more of what can be said to ease the pain of understanding that you will die?
I have been thinking way too much about death. It’s driving me crazy. I’m 19, I should be worried about my school work or dating boys or something but no! I decide to worry about something that wont happen for 60-80 years! Intellectually I can accept death. When I die, it will be like being asleep forever. You just won’t exist, you’ll have the absence of consciousness. I get it. But emotionally it terrifies me! I don’t want to not exist! I don’t want to disappear! I want to keep going forever and continue learning and growing and exploring. The fact that I have an expiration date shakes me to my core, and my recent obsessions over it has almost lead me to a panic attack a few times. I know this is one of the reasons why religion exists, to erase the fear of death. And because I’m a crazy mother fucker, I do actually have some of my own spiritual beliefs. Sometimes I think about these and it makes me feel a little better, but I can’t help but think I’m probably just fooling myself.
Similarly, whenever I think about the size of the universe, and even bigger than that if you believe in the multiverse theory, I feel scared. Again with the whole death thing. I am so fucking small. I’m smaller than the smallest sub atomic particle in comparison to the size of the uni/multiverse. And how everything so organically movies and swirls and collides into itself and black holes and how, theoretically, the bubble containing out universe could suddenly pop and disappear, or any number of shit that could happen to us and ever so effortlessly destroy what the human race has built, which has been build within nothing but a cosmic millisecond. It makes me feel so worthless. So unsafe and fragile. I hate it.
But what I hate most about this, is that no one seems to have a real answer. No one really has anything to say to me about this that could make me feel secure or comforted, because it seems that everyone has these fears and concerns.
I wish I could just be omnipresent. I wish I could just be some infinite entity watching everything forever.
Or I wish I could be whisked away by aliens where with there technology could give me infinite life and I could travel and learn about everything forever.
Whatever it is, I don’t care. I just don’t want to die…


  1. The answer to your question is simple. All souls live forever in one of 2 places. Heaven or Hell. God graciously saves those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ from the judgement they deserve causesd from their own sin/rebellion of the one true God. Jesus bears in Himself the sins of His people on the cross. Thus absorbing the penalty of sin on Himself, likewise grants the perfect righteousness status to all who come to Him. This is a free gift from God. The penalty of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

  2. Here is what happens sweetie. When you die your body “sleeps” in the dust. Your spirit goes back to God from where it came. At the time of the rapture, your body will rise and meet your spirit in the air. You will have a brand new body. Don’t worry about death. Jesus conquered death. God is the creator of everything. He will take care of you. The only people who should be scared of death is the unsaved. Don’t worry, God is in control. May God Bless. If you ever need to talk, e-mail me at themark08@yahoo.com.

  3. Hey pal…. every ONE has to die out. Maybe you’ll die today…maybe tomorrow or after 60 o 100 years but you will and thats a fact of life you cant deny it. Nothing remains forever except your Creator.
    Life after death?…..think you’ll be buried, your soul will be tortured by the SINS you have done in life. GOD has asked you to abstain from evil…the wicked things and asked you to do good. Pray and ask HIS help.
    DO GOOD in life…maybe we’ll meet in heavens!! 🙂

  4. Actually, I was just talking with my Pastor about this and he said that when we die we go to sleep with Jesus (but it is a short sleep because time and space are different than on earth) When we awaken, all the living and the dead are ready to be judged by Jesus. (that’s why they say Jesus is the way the truth and the life). As long as we were believers when we died (believed Jesus was our savior), we will awaken and be judged to have eternal life in the “heavens”. Thats why it’s important to make sure your loved ones are saved before they die.
    I believe the Bible to be true. Did you know all the prophecies in the Bible have all come true. That can only happen if the Prophets were authentically recieving the Word of God. I highly recommend to start reading the Bible. (start in the new testament) I waited way too long in life to read it and I regret it, you are still young and you will be amazed. Also, get into a good Bible based church. Don’t listen to the atheists about the Bible being fake and fantasy or you will lose your eternal life, people that try to keep you from religion are the anti christ.

  5. You seem to be a very depressed individual. And you are right that nobody truly has the answer to what happens when you die. The only way to find out is if you kick the bucket. I too share you atheistic views, but you shouldn’t consume your entire life wondering what happens. You need to sometimes push this from your mind and relax and enjoy life. You have many a year to wait until death.
    Go watch a movie. Go hang out with your friends. Get laid. Go to a concert. Have fun. Go out into the world and experience whatever spenders and wonders there are for you you there. When death comes then it comes. You need to except these basic principles of life.
    I hope you live a nice and long prosperous life and don’t let these ideas consume your life. And no I don’t think that being curious about these things are considered being crazy. You are just acting as any normal human being with a conscious should act.

  6. You are facing questions that everyone will face throughout their lives. It is natural to wonder and fear the unknown, most especially death.
    I have always felt secure about that topic because of the teachings of my Church. I am Mormon, and we firmly believe in the “after-life”. In our temples, couples get married for, not “death til they part”, but for time and all eternity. It is our belief that we are able to live with our families again if they are sealed together. This always brings comfort to us when our loved ones pass away, because we know that we will see them again.
    Even if you don’t quite take this view, most Christian religions teach that we will live in Heaven with God after we die. You must not focus on the ominous idea of your life ending – why do you think they call it “passed away”. Death is the gateway to a better life, a life free of pain and suffering.
    Don’t let the thought of dying overshadow the present. Just think: if this was my last year on Earth, what do I want to achieve?” Do you want to be married, and have children? Do you want to go to University, do you want to have a successful career? I am not saying that you should rush into a marriage, or anything like that. I’m saying that you should sit down and evaluate your true goals for your life, and then decide what you are going to do to achieve them. Not only will this take your mind off death, but it means that you are sure to make good use of the time that you actually have.
    I have put some links for great srticles on death, which hopefully will make you feel happier and less stressed about it.
    I hope I have helped you in some small way!!

  7. Actually how do you know that when you die you cease to exist ? I believe that you go on living forever in heaven or hell. And you may say I do not believe that , but if you believe that you cease to exist then I don’t see how it could hurt to falsely believe in an afterlife. If you cease to exist then you won’t know it ,but if you wake up in hell because you didn’t believe then you will know and will care. It would be much nicer if you would believe in Jesus and live for him and then death would not even be a scary thought because in heaven everything will be wonderful and happy. No scary stuff and no more dying up there. Give it some thought. In my opinion there is much more evidence to prove there is a God than to prove that there is not one, although i rely on faith not proof. God is real and he loves you and if you ask him to and really take it seriously he will show you he is real in some way or another. He doesn’t want you to torment yourself like this. If you seek him you’ll find him and he can take this fear away from you. God bless you.

  8. this is indeed scary. I have the same thoughts and I am a few years closer to the end than you are. Not that I am near the end, but I think about it in EXACTLY the same way you do, sometimes.
    I don’t believe in any god or afterlife of any kind. I have come to grips with the realization that we die and we are gone forever, and I don’t like it one bit and it scares me a lot. I don’t want to not exist.
    I have come to some semblance of understanding about the fact that it is necessary, that there is no life without death, and that there is also no death without life. But there is no scientific basis for any notion that our thoughts, our minds, our memories will continue after our vessel, our bodies, cease to function.
    I know this is of absolutely NO comfort to you. I am sorry about that. I cannot offer you the false comfort that these Christian answerers are giving you. All I can do is point you to the truth, and assure you that, even though this appears to be our inevitable end, there are lots of years ahead for you to live, and that when it comes to death, we are all in it together, and no one dies alone.
    Our world, our galaxy, all of it will also end, and science tells us of the possibliity that the Universe itself will collapse upon itself, the Big Crunch, and then explode again into another Big Bang, and that very likely, this has been going on for all time. Therefore, all the atoms and molectules in your body have always existed, and WILL always exist. In that sense, it is possible that the forces that created the reality we see and hear and know NOW will all come together again in exactly the same way, since there is an infinite amount of time for this re-combination of chance to occur. Tha way of thinking is the closest I have come across that suggests we may live forever, in that we will come back an infinite number of times.
    So who knows? I do know this though. Nothing we do will stop what will happen, and what will happen is not only OK, it is necessary.
    Live life for all it is worth, for that is the best way to fight against that curtain.
    Lady Morgana

  9. Your soul will either be sent to Heaven, where you will serve under Jehova’s rule, or your soul will be sent to Hell, where you will more than likely be resurrected to live on the earth once more. Satan believes the fight is on earth, the battle between Christianity and Enlightened Satanism. So if you are sent to hell, which is a good thing, you will be resurrected to try and convert more to the enlightened side.
    People who murder, commit harsh crimes, etc. will more than likely end up in heaven where they will serve just like everyone else. I mean, doesn’t “Jehovah forgive all?” or you can “Repent any and all sins”?
    Satan does not care what you do in your life. There are no such “Commandments” to live by as with Christianity. However, the main motto of Satanism is “Do what ever you want or enjoy, as long as you are willing to face the repercussions of your actions.”


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