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What happened to the team who were flying high after winning a series in Australia?

Has the pressure got to them?
That South Africa aura that was buzzing around them seems to have disappeared.
What do you think the game plan should be for South Africa?
Play for a draw or try to go for it? (which might i say is going to be a very tough task)
‘With success comes pressure’ – Graeme Smith before the Australian series in South Africa.


  1. Like many teams who have managed to beat Australia in the past twenty years, they seem to have gone to pot afterwards.
    We all remember the narrow English ashes victory followed up with a 5-0 humiliation for all the new knights of the realm don’t we?
    The Aus-RSA series in Aus was a lot closer than the scorelines suggested but it did seem the South Africans and many of the rest of the world wanted to think Australia was done with as a power. Wishful thinking instead of training and preparation I would think!
    But don’t write of RSA, they’ll learn from this. They’re a very strong team and unlike the Poms they have the fundamentals in all the right places.
    EDIT: Game Plan = ancient Zulu rain dance

  2. To be honest I thought SA would win this series and get #1 test nation status but in reality Australia are crushing them which was totally unexpected.
    Perhaps they got ahead of themselves after winning the series in Australia?
    I think SA are still a decent team but obviously the depth of talent in Australia has again elevated them as the team to beat, at least in Test cricket.

  3. not everyone is perfect.. u can’t expect them to get flying colours in all their matches… they are under pressure and are struggling…..
    and i would say hold onto wickets and atleast make this test a draw because it looks like to win they will need 500-600+ and try to win the next match

  4. i think they got complacent. they beat us in australia so they thought they’d smash us in south africa. they don’t seem to have many plans, they just go out there and do. i think they bought into the theory that australia was dead and buried and they only had to show up to win. people were too quick to write the aussies off.
    i think it would be foolish to chase down a target like that, especially judging by their last batting card. and they’ve only got ten batsmen, so nine down is all out. i think they’ll try unsuccessfully for a draw.

  5. WHAT HAPPENED ? well in short Australia was (DUE) for a fall after such a long time ,,,spanking,,,,, everybodys bums now time has come to take the odd beating [and i love it] but all in all the only team to beat Australia was themselves they got lazy lost heart with the [india] crap [calling roy monkey ect] and threats about what they would do and the A,C,B let them down badly didnt surpport the boys they drop the bungle so to speak but NO ONE WINS EVERYTHING and for Australia to get beaten thats great for the game now we watch cricket again not really knowing that we will win and i like that sorry to dribble on but i love the game as it was b4 money and cheats cheers

  6. The cricket world lost its balance for a while there, with the Aussies going down on home soil and the Indians beating the snot out of everyone.
    The ying and yang have now adjusted to the temporary inbalance and world cricket order has been restored with the Aussies doing quite nicely in Africa and the Black Caps putting it to the Indians.
    The Aussies have launched some new talent to the world. Can Hughes play or what? Andrew Symonds should not play for Oz again, leave North there. Ben Hilfenhaus will only get better! If I was Mr. Hussey I would be looking to score some runs in the next test.
    Time for meditation!

  7. A lot things,a) they might be having the hangover of the excitement of winning the series against Australia,it hasnt sank down.Imagine the feling you would get winning Australia in test as well as oneday, top of the world feeling.b)Complacency c)They unimaginable performance of Aussies with a new team which caught them off guard.d)Pressure because when you see someone doing well against you,someone whom you thought to be bad,it adds pressure
    I feel it could be a case of going in the same road but taking a different path when it diverged- the difference between this series and the previous one.This path gave Australia the upper hand this time

  8. No idea what happened to South Africa. They’re a mirror image to the team playing in Australia not so long ago. Maybe pressure has got to them, knowing that if they win they go to No.1 spot? I don’t know, but they are not performing well at all.
    They should play for a draw IMO. There’s absolutely no way that SA can win the game especially with Graeme Smith injured yet again.


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