• While I agree that the media is abysmally ineffective and irresponsible, I cannot and will not blame them for the dumbing down of America. People who choose to watch programs that perpetuate hatred between sides are responsible for their own intellectual demise. It is clear that Americans have chosen the path of least resistance…which is to sit in front of the television and let the ‘newscasters’ form opinions for them. It is easier to criticize and hate than it is to stand up for what you have researched and understood on your own.

  • I believe this started when the news media changed from being a news reporting organization into a ‘revenue generating’ organization. This, above all else has tainted the news away from reporting it into a series of bias (left and right) self important opinions and interpretations of the news. We no longer are independent thinkers, we attribute our views to a news channel.

    It’s sickening. Collective unconsciousness? Collective apathy.


  • Numbed by materialism, and aided greatly by the media, compassion for the human spirit and the pursuit of truth ,beauty, and goodness, has been replaced by fear, greed, and ignorance.

  • Media is certainly churning out stupidity on a large scale, but the responsibility of all the apathy has to rest with all of us Americans.

  • Reagan era shifted Americans away from civic duty, and celebrated blind ambition, and, self absorbed truisms that still rule today.

  • It has been superseded by the ‘Collective Bribing of our Elected Officials’. It’s all about the money.

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