What happened to Paris Hilton's spiritual awakening, the one she had right before she went to jail?

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It wasn’t so hot and clashed with her stick figure frame. So she dropped it faster than Tinkerbell.

Tonya R

She remembered her sex video.


it disappeared as her brain did, many…years…ago

Dave A

most people find religion in jail.


It didn’t get her out of jail, so she ditched it.


i thought it was IN PRISON as she calls it. it was before her stay ?



My midpt. in life.

Tonya R


i dont recall her doing anything too stupid lately, or am i wrong? wouldnt it be funny if she gave away all her money and became a nun? Then i would respect her.

left_sock_ missing

she had an awakening? I sure it was just two brain cell hooking up to create an actually thought. It was totally by accident.


She expended her spiritual energy getting all righteous about the copyright of her phrase “So hot” and suing Hallmark over it.


Snooze button.


It’s in the same box as Iron Mike Tyson’s sincere conversion to Islam after his release from jail for rape.

Hades Lee

IT”S FAKE!!! i guess she just pose for the camera and thought to her self..
they’ll buy it if i look sad and hold a bible in my hand


She got out.

john stud

Publicity stunt! She’s back to partying and whoring in Hollyweird!


She remebered she was out of jail and she could drink again.
She is a mistake and an example that Darwin was sadly mistaken on evolution, we are going 2 steps up, and 5 steps down!!


I havent heard her name in the media lately so maybe she has toned it down.
She also recently launched a new fragrance and part of the profits are going to charity.


My cousin also said he had a spiritual awakening in jail. While incarcerated, he converted to Islam. Before he went to jail, he was a drug dealer, addict and womanizer. And after he got out of jail, he was a drug dealer, addict and womanizer.


She got out of jail that is what happened to it. Since she doesnt have to snow a judge anymore she doesnt need it.

stephen k

It went right back to bed.


She still has it. She isn’t going to walk around “thumping the Bible” if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve done many “un-rudely, un-lawful, shameful, things in my life and learned from all of them. Repeated a few, a few times. We all have faults – lighten up.

Boomer Wisdom

Even a cockroach has a spirit. It’s just that it’s limited and hard for normal people to understand.
I’d just as soon allow her to keep her quality of spiritual awakening to herself. I’m less easily pleased when it comes to such events, and expect more of my interaction with the spiritual realm since so much less has been offered to me in the financial realm.
So far, I’m way ahead. At least in the realms that really matter.

Samurai Jack - Now in HD

If religion does nothing else, it serves a purpose…even for the devout. Paris’ religion served its purpose, and now she’s done with it.

Richard F

Consider the source.

Don P

Paris is just one of many celebrities who “found Jesus” when they went to jail, including Michael Vick. Seems sometimes like everyone who goes to jail finds Jesus, especially right before being sentenced or before a parole hearing. Guess we should all go to jail instead of church?


It fell asleep because being with Paris and hearing her say “That’s hot” 5,000 times a day, bored it.


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