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What happened to me last night?

Last night I was asleep and when I apeared to wake up by myself at around 3:45 am. I keep my bedroom door closed. When I “appeared” to have woken up as soon as I opened my eyes I saw my whole room like normal, but in my doorway there stood a woman(not my mother) with my door half open staring at me, then she closed the door. I just layed there completely freaked out. I didn’t fully wake up till after she closed the door becuase i was still drowsy, but I as soon as i made eye contact with her she closed the door. I don’t believe in ghosts or anything but I was wandering
Could this be Sleep paralysis or just a really really really really really really vivid dream. I mean there was no way i was asleep becuase even though my body was frozen in fear and shaking as I saw this woman I also went through the signs in my head to make sure it wasn’t a dream and im pretty sure it wasn’t.
any ideas?


  1. even though most people do not believe in the paranormal or ghost and demons they are real. just like humans exist they do to.what you saw was most likly a manifestation that got enough power or energy to manefest itself. check your houses history and find out about the woman and next time it happens ask her who she is and she may be nice enough to reply. even though science cannot prove that ghosts exist they cannot prove that they dont ethier. dont lose faith and you shall be rewarded.

  2. What happened to you is known as Sleep Reality Substitution. You were subconsciously dreaming about something or most likely had something floating around in your thoughts related to a woman. Next as you unknowingly dreamed about said woman the Neural part of your brain rectum materialized her into real life because it “shocked” you awake. Don’t worry it’s normal, but if it keeps happening that lady will become real! Try drinking honey before you go to bed.


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