what goes on behind oak hill cemetery in lawrence ks and has anyone heard of the witch in the woods there?






I took a hike through a trail that leads from Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence, KS. I followed it to a T then took a left which lead me to a spot where there are sticks tied together in different shapes and a fire pit. I need to know what happens back there and some history behind it. I’m an explorer and need to know. It had a very strong vibe to it and my heart was racing.


  1. i was just there the other day at about 10pm. didn’t see any other humans there, but there was definitely SOMETHING walking around. we couldn’t see it, and got some intense pictures of orbs and balls of light! i think it’s haunted, for sure. and it’s got some creepy roads coming in and out of it.
    but why do you NEED to know what happens back there? because you’re an explorer. lol. uhhh…sure, buddy.

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