What gives consciousness the power to express itself as a tree, a bird, a flower and as a human?





Isn’t the whole of life a continuous Tantra incorporating all the Chakra’s? Don’t we need to be deeply grounded in the physical to experience the spiritual, isn’t this great fact the secret of the serpent, of the Goddess Kundalini Shakti that isn’t really hidden at all?


  1. That’s like asking where fire goes when it’s extinguished, the question is wrong.
    Consciousness does not express itself into matter, it arises from matter.

  2. God is the consciousness you speak of, expressed as ALL OF IT. Nothing is separate from THE ONE. God is what gives the power to express itself as tree, bird, flower or human. We do not need to be “grounded” as physical to know our spiritual self. But life in the physical provides us with endless opportunities to re-discover and explore what we already know to be. The physical is not a necessity, it is just a tool. Spirit is always in charge in all matters concerning reality.

  3. Yes it is the dance of Shiv and shakti…. and their different dance postures are seen as different manifestation..
    it is bliss of kundalini which appears as a flower, as a flying bird, as roaring oceans….. and as dancing patrick

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