What gemstone do u all recommend for grounding and being in reality?

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In terms of crystal healing, what can i use to help my problem of being in my own mind so much, always in axiety so much so that i have become lost in my own mind and thoughts.

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A diamond 🙂 Is a diamond a crystal? Hmm


I jest, I jest.

Damien L

not sure about a gemstone for it, but try tai chi or meditation. you could also use a smoothed out river bed pebble, held to your navel with a cloth. the key isn’t so much that you need to be in your own mind less, it’s that your mind isn’t your mind at all. that is the real problem. you aren’t unique in that regard, we all have that issue. even me. i’m working on a solution, but it’s hard because i not only have to be subtle with it, i also have to free enough people to make an impact.

One Brave Mouse

Gemstone…for grounding someone in reality?
Reality is a gemstone has as much to do with grounding you as pigs tail.


Heh…Corey beat me to what I was going to say.
If you want to be grounding in reality, rocks aren’t going to help you. You’ll just be focused on the rock, and use that as a mental excuse to try to ignore your anxiety.
There’s a line from the movie ‘Hitch’ that’s relevant here: “When you’re in the room, be in the room.” Focus on what’s going on is the relevant factor. You’ll have plenty of time to indulge in your anxieties in your own time. If your mental state is so great that you can’t do this much, talk to a therapist. They can help you out with this.


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