What frequency is telepathy?

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OK. Seriously. The question is for those who know telepathy is real. If telepathy is a communication link between two nodes as in computers. Say one person and another. Or between one person and a group. And the signal is sent from say a pinneal gland (or minds eye) to another pinneal gland (or minds eye), then what exactly is the signal or form of energy called. Like with a cellular signal from one phone to another. There is a signal which is encrypted so on and so forth. With telepathy how is this “network” constructed? What is the peer-to-peer relationship and the form of energy or transmission which goes between each peer. Why can’t this signal be replicated or captured by a worldly device. And if there is a scientific approach to this signal interpretation, who is studying it? What books or sources do you have which explore this matter in any depth. Thank you for all serious responses.

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I tear up a bit when I hear, and read the negative responses to such things as telepathy, telekinesis, and other gifts that are revealed to the believer and seeker upon recognition. The abilities are not things. They have no form. They ride on waves of frequency not far from the human language but far enough to bring a sense of complication between the two. In a telepathic state one is out of phase with the physical world of communication and often the ability to speak is a waste of effort. I know for a fact that this gift is a reality of the senses that has managed to escape the programming of the slock of society. Namaste.


One can’t “know” that telepathy is real, as there has never been any scientific evidence to support it.


The earth’ss pulse is 7.83 hz and has been tested and found to make people feel good.
10.80 has been found to cause riotous behavior.
6.6has been noted in people suffering from depression.
8 hz has benn noted innumerouss clairvoyants when they became actively engaged in their communications.
13 hz produces an agitated state in individuals and if it is artificially maintained by technology it has been noted to increase body electricity and gives others psychic powers.
12-14 hz is believed to be the 4th dimension by many New-Agers.
Doc KD

Mark G

I’m thinking of the answer right now…..


Equally seriously, consider the range of a signal whose amplitude is in the microvolt range, when transmitting to a receiver of the same power.
Obviously, people are not computers.
Nobody “knows that telepathy is real.” That’s because it isn’t. We do not have transmitters and receivers in our heads, pineal glands, or anywhere else.


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