What field of science does the study of consciousness and dreams fall into?

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If the study of consciousness,dreams,obe,etc can
be classified as science. What does the study fall under. Also what is the name of the science/philosophy?

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Funkay Onion


Josh Alfred

“The mind and self, are not just a thing unto themselves, but must be thought, for the best analysis of existence, as something which emerges from the universe and is the living universe. The mind depends on the exterior world no matter what, entangled with all things. The quest of conscious human beings should be the understanding of what dependencies the mind can have that are advantageous, and disadvantageous, to prevent and approve of possibilities; this is the minds unequivocal ability. ” — JA
This quote is true when it comes to dream. Try dreaming without observing first.

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Which aspect of “consciousness”? If you mean the very fact of its existence, then it is the cognitive sciences that study it. If you mean it as applied to the daily actions of people, that is psychology.
Dream science is actually called ‘dream science’. http://www.dreamscience.org/


In science, Neuroscience.
In philosophy, ‘philosophy of mind’.
eta: Psychology does not study consciousness…and it’s not properly a hard science. You want neuroscience.


The study of consciousness is the one vital area that science and psychology have overlooked.


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