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What feeds your Spiritual growth?

If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.
– Gail Sheehy
Peace and Love


  1. the simple tasting of the awareness
    as my consciousness grows, the yearning for more grows stronger- and my definition of what pleases me most, evolves

  2. Surrender is simple, everyone knows how to do it, the act of surreneder is identical to the one you do each night when you shut up the ‘talking one’ inside and fall asleep. I’m not saying that sleep is surrender, just that instant where you finally get quiet and sleep overtakes you. So you know how to do it, now do it while you are awake. Each time you do it, you will grow in awareness. No technique is needed, except for to do one’s meditation daily in whatever way you like and works for you.
    Observe your reactions to life, question yourself and your behavior, remain open for self-correction or changing your practise, making adjustments when needed is part of the process.
    Becoming the watcher of oneself is all that you need to learn to do. The more you practise this the better you get at it, because your awareness keeps rising with each success. Out of your quiet spaces you will get intuitive guidance on what is your next step or what you might need to do different. Getting stuck in techniques and in being somebody and concepts is all part of the growing. The way to continue to grow spiritually is to keep questioning yourself remaining open to corrections and never ever to believe you have finished or are fully awakened – as this is the ultimate trap.


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