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I was just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. I’ve only been meditating for a few months and have experienced amazing things. I feel the energy in my hands and arms and recently I’ve felt the tingling on my forehead and upper face when I try to open the third eye chakra. There is also a pressure on my skull when I do this. I have had a white glowing ball of spinning light appear in my head after doing a healing meditation. I actually brought my twin flame to me one time and he gave me waves of positive energy to the point where I was intensely shaking for 20 min. When I first was meditating, I would cry and my nose would run. I know now that it was negative energy being released. Oh yeah, my psychic also sent me positive energy that lingered for days. My heart was racing and I felt the energy flowing through my body. Any similarities for anyone? I know it is all in a nutshell but those are the main things.


  1. ?We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.? (Teilhard de Chardin, French Geologist, Priest, Philosopher and Mystic, 1881-1955)

  2. Lately there has been a “hand” ,sometimes squeezing, on my head… It kind of feels like it is “holding” all of me together. It won’t let me float or anything else. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? It’s never happened before, but there have been a LOT of life changes lately.

  3. Lately there has been a “hand” on my head… It kind of feels like it is “holding” all of me together. It won’t let me float or anything else. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? It’s never happened before, but there have been a LOT of life changes lately.

  4. Wherever i am, in bus or a my bed or just sitting down, once i am relax from head to toe, my head suddenly turns around as if it is floating.it feels light and refreshing though. I can’t explain why…..

    • this my third time meditating with meditation music, and after like 20 minutes i felt my head turning around floating , but it really isn’t. is this normal as a meditator?

  5. I too have the same experiences as “Al.”
    Why my right eye wants to open when I’m focusing on my breathing at some time during the meditation ? I don’t know what to do as the right eye keep distracting me.

  6. I started meditating about two weeks ago and I feel jelous of all the experiences people are having. When I mediatate I don’t see anything and my right eye just wants to keep opening all the time.I can mediatate for half an hour or more and although I feel relaxed, I can get the same feeling going out for a walk, I am wondering what all the fuss is about, sorry but am feeling rather deflated with mediataton at the mo.

  7. I have just had an amazing experience with a guided meditation, I was tremblling all over, seeing beautiful colours all around me, on the opening of the chakras I felt warm, the colours got brighter and then I fel t a pounding on my lower body and it moved up until it settled in my chest and carried on pounding and pounding, then I realised it was my heart beating so hard it was almost jumping out of my chest. As I left my body with my spirit guide it calmed and I continued on my journey. Wow I am still in awe …

  8. It’s great you’re enjoying your meditation so much! I too have had some wonderful experiences during the 30 odd years I’ve been meditating. Funny thing is, they eventually all passed, and I settled down into the actual fact of meditating.
    As a beginning meditator, everything is new and wonderful. It’s like you’ve just gotten on a train bound for a magic land you’ve heard of. And every time you look out the window, you see something so awesome and beautiful that it makes you want to stop the train and get off.
    Concentrating on the kinds of experiences you describe is like stopping the meditation train and getting off. Unfortunately, these early stops are not the final stop that you had heard of which sounded so attractive – they’re not the REAL magic land. They’re interesting, that’s for sure. But if you just keep on going, and kind of just ignore them for now, you’ll eventually find that you’re going to arrive at the REAL destination.
    That REAL destination is a much quieter place than the ones you are describing. In fact, if someone was suddenly dropped there unprepared, they would say there was not much happening there. They might even say there was NOTHING happening there. And in a very interesting and strange and even magical way, they would be exactly right.
    But being prepared, once you get there, you will find that EVERYTHING is happening there. You will have a direct and intimate experience of the absolute reality. But you can only have this by having found a very silent place within you. Within this silent place, any experiences like the ones you describe are just another form of experience, just like walking to the bank, eating a hamburger, jumping out of an airplane, thinking about yesterday’s bad hair or tomorrow’s seventh chakra. It’s all just thinking and experiencing and perceiving – all the usual stuff we’ve been doing with our minds for all of our lives.
    Or rather what our minds have been doing with us for all of our lives….
    A correct practice of meditation will allow you to see through that usual stuff. It will break down the wall of habitual thinking and perceiving which we are all addicted to. Even the greatest meditators are addicted to it – the only difference is that they know how to stop it, that’s all.
    So the next time you have one of these experiences, I suggest you say to it, yes, you’re wonderful! I enjoy you very much! Thank you for coming! But perhaps you could come back some other time, please, because right now I am meditating. And then, very consciously, return to the object of your meditation.
    This is the crucial moment of meditation, in fact. That fully conscious returning to the object of your meditation. It’s not the object itself that is important. The object of meditation, whatever it is, whether it be your breath, a chakra, a magic mantra, a spiritual light – whatever it is, it is still only an experience, a thought, a perception. It is not, in itself, conscious. Only YOU are conscious, and it is your consciousness of the object which is the direction in which you want to move, not simply towards the object itself.
    Find that moment of conscious realization in which you see that you have turned away from the object of your meditation. Experience that again and again. Let it grow of its own – for it will, like a small seed that becomes a mighty tree. Don’t push it – but also don’t neglect it by chasing after the various experiences and perceptions that seem so enjoyable now.
    I wish you all the best in your wondrous journey!

  9. In the practice that I follow we are discouraged from discussing experiences and insights encountered in meditation with anyone except one’s teacher. As stated in one text:
    “If you do decide to start meditating, there’s no need to tell other people about it, or talk about why you are doing it or what it’s doing for you. In fact, there is no better way to waste your nascent energy and enthusiasm for practice and thwart your efforts so they will be unable to gather momentum. Best to meditate without advertising it. Every time you get a strong impulse to talk about meditation and how wonderful it is, or how hard it is, or what it’s doing for you these days, or what it’s not, or you want to convince someone else how wonderful it would be for them, just look at it as more thinking and go meditate some more. The impulse will pass and everybody will be better off — especially you.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn, “Wherever You Go, There You Are”
    May all be at peace.

  10. I too have been meditating for a few months, doing yoga, and reading books like the Four Agreements, and the Eckhart Tolle books. I have had some similarities such as pressure in the skull. I do see different light and visions sometimes, and have become much more aware of energies within and around my body. I am often able to manipulate these energies with thought, no-thought, breathing, chanting, using music, singing bowls and gemstones. Peace of mind and deep connections to other people/creatures and myself seem to be positive sideeffects. It seems my whole body has been detoxifying, healing both physically, and emotionally. I have come to realize this is Kundalini Awakening.

  11. I get really odd involuntary movements if I am in a deeply relaxed state during meditation. My head will kind of rock backwards, and it feels like my spine is trying to unwind. It’s a very strange physical sensation. I kind of just go with it, but it’s not something I am voluntarily doing.
    This happens to me anytime I get very relaxed, like while in Tai Chi class or while half-asleep on a massage table and in meditation. My massage therapist and I laugh about it, but it’s still very odd.

  12. I have a different type of meditation I use. I meditate in prayer. I don’t see anything different but I feel a great sense of calm and relief when I am done.

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