what exaxtly is the book of shadows and who owns the originail?

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please answer

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A book of shadows is kind of like a witch’s journal. There isn’t really an original one as it is personal to each practioner.


systematic understanding of occult lore related to the preservation of what may appear to be evil when in fact it is only veiled in order to withstand the onslaught of theocratic politicians and muses who can not read music


A Book of Shadows is a spiritual journal, a diary of one’s journey. It contains notes, writings, recipes, spells, dreams, anything the person feels like writing down. There is no original, everyone writes their own, though it is often handed down and added to by the next generation.


There is not one original book of Shadows. A book of Shadows is a place to record and remember, to mark down rituals and thoughts. It is more than a diary and orthogonal to a Bible.
It is a collection of personal thoughts and meaningful statements, an expression of a state of being. Where a Bible states the path to follow, the Book of Shadows shows the road as it has been.


The Book of Shadows is a book owned by the Haliwell sisters a.k.a. the Charmed ones. The book shows Demons that they fight and shows potions on how to defeat the demons.


there is no original per se. it is a book that pagan and wiccans keep to record their prayers, spells, changes in their lives and discussions with their Gods. any one can make one.


not sure, I know its on that show Craft


As it was mentioned before, a Book of Shadows is a journal or diary of one’s spiritual path. THE original does not exist because each one is original. No two people can have the same spiritual path. People often record prayers/chants they like. They chart different association of moon phases, herbs, gemstones, trees, gods/goddesses, times of day, days of the week, whatever is most meaningful for them. They can write different spells or rituals that they are working on or that work best for them. They can write their dreams to analyze at a later time, or to refer back to. They can write questions they are seeking answers to, or revalations that have come to them. There is no right way to create a Book of Shadows. It’s personal to the individual who creates it. Of if it’s a coven Book of Shadows you’re talking about, it would contain the rules and traditions of the coven as well as specific instructions for rituals. In a way, it would be like a training manual for the coven.

wise old witch

This is so fun. I love to read some of the things you guys write.
I can see there is lots of work to still be done. Thanks.

Black Aliss

it is “a” book of shadows not “the” book of shadows. It is a personal record of your rituals, spells, sacred recipes, chants incantations, etc… It may also include your study materials for what ever topic you may be researching, ( gems, stones, minerals, herbs, divination, folklore, mythos, etc) “The” book of shadows usually refers to the gardnerian book of shadows available here
good luck seeker


A Book of Shadows is a journal of sorts. There is no original BOS.


Well there once was the original Book Of Shadows. Now it was not a journal of someones path to enlightenment. It was a Book Of spells, chants,charms and rituals. I was not used for good Magic nor for bad magic it was just power and power is in the beholder and you choose by what you are if it is good or bad. now i have to say the book is still around somewhere, most likely still in Europe . It was originated in Ireland but i cannot remember what century. now people talk of the Book Of Shadows as a witches journal. that’s not what it is what that is, is a witches journal not a book of shadows. The book is Factual not history or daily accounted history. there are many copies but only one original. most copies are incomplete and i thank god for that for the wrong info in the wrong hands and god knows where we will end
blessed be to all


go to the SACRED TEXTS site and have a look
you will find the GARDNERIAN BOOK OF SHADOWS for example


The first part of your question has been soundly answered I think in the fact that a book of shadows is a resource written by the practitioner to track their magickal or spiritual (depending on your choice of terms) journey. All sorts of wonderful information can be recounted throughout the pages. As for the term ‘Book of Shadows’ this came about due to the prosecutions of witches throughout history, so the books would often be written in various languages or runes to keep from being caught. Book of Shadows symbolizes the need for secrecy to protect those who wished to practice without being persecuted for it. Now it is a term we use that links us to those who came before us. Unlike other religions there is no one book or doctrine to turn to, those who practice the craft are all wonderers down different paths with a base belief to follow above all else:
An it harm none, do what ye will
Hope that helps your journey begin.

Raven T

a book of shadows is a book that is personalized for each magic user it contains their most often used spells and their deepest thoughts and feelings there is no original. they are often passed down in families from generation to generation.


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