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What exactly was Timothy Leary stating in the eight circuit model of consciousness?


  1. I don’t really know, but my late husband could have told you. He not only studied all of Leary’s writings, but took hundreds, perhaps thousands, of acid trips. But I can’t ask him because he committed suicide on December 16, 2005.
    Trust me: you do not want to go that route.

  2. It’s seeing yourself as a mountain – strong and imposing, but still part of nature. Then, when you’ve gotten to the peak, there are family members to greet you. Only, they aren’t your immediate family. It’s your step-siblings and your adoptive father’s third cousin. They offer you a cone of ice cream, but you CAN’T accept it! They try to convince you, but you can never give in to astonishment. Once you summit the earth, hop onto the skittles river of doom and plummet into eternity……

  3. The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness is a pseudoscientific theory that makes claims about some but not all of the differing levels of consciousness available to an entity that has some sentience in its environment.
    It appears that psychologist and psychedelic drug advocate Timothy Leary may have been the first to propose the idea. According to others, (e.g., an interview conducted by Antero Alli on an NLP Radical Change Group Podcast) Leary may have received the basic idea for this system from an anthropologist.
    The 8 Circuit model provides a conglomerate model of a series of preceding and interconnecting models within some of the human and medical sciences such as Psychology, Neurology, Sociology, Anthropology etc. and other more “hard sciences”, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. With this, Leary created his umbrella model in which others have expanded and philosophized upon.
    This model discusses how a mind or brain may work as a collection of eight neurological “circuits” within a being with a Nervous System. Leary took the term “circuits” from the first wave of cybernetics research and development in the United States in the 1970’s. (Others have proposed that the’circuits’ be called ‘systems’ to reflect both a systems theory approach and also the changing anatomy of an entity as it goes through a neurological change).
    According to the discussions and documentation by Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, Christopher Hyatt, and Timothy Leary himself that each circuit available to an individual entity represents a “higher stage” of evolution. By “higher stage” it is meant that each circuit activated in a chain of circuits, within an ascending order provides an evolutionary link to the evolution of a being, its environment and the previously activated neurological circuits or grids. In other words each Higher Neurological Circuit that is activated provides a higher cognitive function within the entity that develops a technique to activate ‘it’.
    From the resources available to Leary-Wilson-Hyatt-Alli, in differing time periods and differing texts this model was constructed based on the lateralization of brain function. The first four levels, which Leary presumed to reside in the left lobe or hemisphere of the brain or the cerebrum, are concerned with the survival of organisms on a habitable planet, such as Earth.
    The other four Circuits, were suggested by Leary to have their place within the right lobe of a brain. Leary with Wilson suggests and theorizes that these other circuits are for use in the future evolution of humans, and possibly non-human entities, presumably extraterrestrial. Leary theorized that until recently in human development these higher circuits have remained dormant within the human unconscious. However, he believed, the higher circuits can be openen with the use of some brain change technologies and techniques. Supporters cite such techniques as psychedelic and psychoactive drugs, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Light And Sound or Mind machines, Crowleyan magick, Meditation, and Yoga.


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