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What exactly is your kundalini?

Guesses: What do you mean…can you elaborate on that please?
Shihan: does the “awakening” just happen one day while (for me) meditating? If it feels too intense or too much too handle, can I break free? Have you had this experience? How did it feel? Did it change your life? Sorry about the 20 Q’s–I am completely fascinated.
Guesses: The Lord’s Prayer, huh?–can you please elaborate on THAT…I was raised Catholic and your statement seems to make PERFECT sense to me.
HSU-read Shihan–is this what you went through?
Shihan: you hurled on your kundalini! lol


  1. It’s a form of meditation involving chakras, which are supposedly seven spots along the spine. you meditate and focus on each one.

  2. Kundalini is your internal vital life force, ch’i or ki, which lies coiled like a snake within the perineum, or first chakra (literally, meaning “wheel” — your base energy center). It remains dormant until it is stirred to rise in an awakened state through any of a variety of disciplines including meditation, yoga, Taoist and Tantric exercises and sexual techniques, Reiki, Tai-Chi and other modalities.
    When fully awakened, the kundalini blends with the energy from the tan-t’ien, or hara, which is a secondary energy center resting approximately 2″ below the navel. Combined, these energies travel in a double helix up the sushumna (hollow spinal column), through all of the other primary chakras to the crown of the head. Once it reaches the crown it touches the pineal gland (7th chakra) at which point it forms a bridge between the pineal and pituitary glands (6th chakra). When this happens, a third ventricle to the brain is opened and access is gained to an unlimited ocean of knowledge of our Universe and ourselves.
    This is a process that must never be forced. It must be a natural evolution of our Life Force which comes through acquiring self-awareness and through the exploration of our innermost being. It is a growth process that enables us to touch the depths of our soul. It must be experienced to truly understand it. Through the experience, we embrace a heightened level of consciousness.
    Awakening of the kundalini is a spiritual evolution, for it is spiritual energy and is the energy of our soul. To force it is to be in ego, and no longer aligned with the spirituality of the growth process. Severe injury can result from forcing kundalini into an awakened state, including schizophrenia and other mental and emotional disorders. Knowing about it makes it safe. Knowing how to deal with the growth experience is the key to maintaining that safety.
    [Please forgive the length, but there really is no short way to describe this adequately. Thank you.]
    EDIT: The awakening is a process, an evolution. For me, it started with the feeling of warm rushes moving through the sciatic nerves in my legs. And just so you know, the first time I experienced a fully raised kundalini, I threw up! Yes, yes, I puked in the face of my internal Source!!! But I did not do that ever again.
    The first time it raised, it was like OMG — fire moving through the chakras into my head swirling like a ram’s head (picture the Ram’s football helmets — that kind of swirling throughout my head); vibrant, orange, red, yellow fire colors just vroom-ing through my body and head. Then I puked. I did not experience this type of rising again for about another year. I was much clearer physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and the second rising was just a beautiful rush of energy — I don’t think words will do the experience justice — but it was more subtle than the first time and more fluid. It was also more fun, as I was able to remain in that state for a longer period of time, and ended up having my first out of body experience.
    I do encourage you, please, to read up on this. Having knowledge is so important prior to moving forward with this process. Find a good, qualified teacher to help you through this growth process. Good luck.


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