What exactly is wrong with Tarot cards or Ouija boards?

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This should be interesting.

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sir galahad

nothing much,oooer


You are entertaining demons. (Deuteronomy 18:9-12.) <')))><

Hall of Skulls 7

Nothing. If people want to use them fine. Who are they harming.


well both are games first off, they have no supernatural properties. ouija definately works off the ideomotor effect and tarot is just cold reading using the cards as maybe a sleight of hand misdirect or just to make it seem more “mysterious” ooooooh

Catracha the Princess of God

By doing Tarot and playing the Ouija you are opening doors for Satan and his demons to come and poses you.

Mrs. C

They call on evil spirits. Very dangerous, but not that interesting. All dead are asleep, so anyone who ‘speaks’ to you from this activity is an evil spirit pretending to be a dead human.

Hungry LIke The Wolf

the same thing that is wrong with horoscopes, “casting bones” and reading palms.
its a load of hooey and waste of your time and money.


Because you are inviting demons in your life. People have been harassed by them for owning Ouija boards and such propaganda.
Besides true worshipers of God do not have any dealings with such things and the Bible is very clear on that subject.
Deuteronomy 18:10-13

Terry W

The problem with all fortune telling and divination is that it stops the person from building their own skills for life problem solving. I used to do Tarot and Astrology – I even thought it true. BUT – it is all nonsense and I deeply regret the harm I may have done.

John K

Because I believe God doesn’t approve of those methods and doesn’t communicate with people that way.

FallenAngel©Aggelos AbussosP3D

because you open doors for evil to enter BWAHAHAHAHA
I was actually just told this IRL not an hour ago
*huge eyeroll and hearty laugh was my reply*


Absolutely nothing. I use my tarot cards all the time. I really enjoy them and they keep you connected to what is happening in your life. Your higher self speaks to you through the cards. Same with ouija, or earth boards like I have, based on Native American spiritualism/shamanism.
lol Satan and his demons don’t exist!
Ahh, the ignorance abounds on both sides of this issue. What they don’t know or understand, they whole heartedly condemn. Sad.

Rez Rostov

They are what you make them.


Death, the Page of Pentacles, and the King of Wands cards in my Tarot deck are dog-eared. My Ouija board squeaks.


Well, Ouija boards don’t move by themselves and if I had to guess if it was moving thanks to a ghost or because of one of the people taking part, either consciously or unconsciously, then I’m not going with the ghost. Or demons. I prefer the simple and obvious answer.
As for tarot, it depends on how you want to use them. Tarot cards were actually invented in mid 15th century Italy for playing card games. They consist of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards (which predate tarot) and a fifth suit of picture cards. These picture cards took as their theme, not an occult philosophy but a Christian triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the wider introduction of trumps into card games. The family of tarot games has grown as it has spread and is now played throughout much of continental Europe.
Without an occult origin, fortune telling with tarot cards is no different in kind from fortune telling with tea leaves, dominoes, or knuckle bones and just as hard to take seriously. Further, the idea of knowing the future has met with objections from both philosophy and science as it falls foul of the same logical problems and paradoxes that plague the idea of time travel.
However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing tarot games – they are perphaps the best card games in the world!

Purdey EP

Nothing. The Ouija board can be fun, and a friend of mine used to do Tarot card readings. In fact she did mine.


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