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What exactly is transendental meditation?

I remember going to a meeting a long time ago..and a woman from there came to visit us and asked if we wanted a spirit guide. We said no. I’m wondering if she left any there anyway…or bad spirits..when she came.
lilly..Thanks..This is interesting and I can see how this could happen. I’ve known some people who were into some kind of meditation & they were very evil people who did evil things. They seemed to have the power to control people.


  1. The spirit guide is a metaphor. It is just your subconscious.
    You visualize a spirit guide to help you focus on your subconcious. I personally think that TM is BS and killed one of the greatest magicians of all time, and Andy Kaufman.

  2. I believe that the power of our guardian angels (or spirits) (or deceased loved-ones) is far stronger than any wayward “spirit guide”.
    Transcendental Meditation is a meditation technique, which allows the thinking active, thinking mind to progressively settle down to its most silent and restful state. The more active levels of thinking are being transcended and this is why it’s called Transcendental meditation.
    Later reports mention that inductees are given a mantra which is a past Hindu god which is to be chanted unnumbered times each day leading into peaceful bliss. One belief is that the person chanting the name invites spiritual entities – some of which may try to oppress them.

  3. Hi Deenie,
    Without reading the other answerers I reply to ur Q.
    TM assumes that there are six levels of existence (within the body)
    With the regular practice of TM daily (2wice a day…20 mins morn/eve) you will slowly progress towards the highest level of consciousness (the core of ur being) . The eact process is never revealed to you until you undertake it
    One you have achieved a certain level..you can help attain a certain amount of peace in the world by bringing peace to the universal consciousness (your highest consciousness is a part of the universal consciousness)
    So the more no. of ppl practice TM the higher the chances of peace in the world
    It was a technique started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of India. It uses the v.ancient (almost pre-historic) Hindu Vedic techniques.
    In India (in Hinduism) there is no concept of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as per the western world. The religion recognises the co-existence of of both negative and positive (Shakti and Shiv) in this world. It is only by this balance there will be perfect peace.
    Shiv is the potential latent energy of Universe…Shakti is the energy in action (creating and manifesting)
    Tantra vidya of India (Worshipping Goddess Kali..literally meaning Goddess of dark energies..who again is another form of Durga..who is a Goddess of white energies..see the balance) has learnt to harness the negative energies as well for the human good and as a route to attain Siddhi (perfect knowledge). Many saints have practised it.
    Since Hinduism has no concept of evil and good, I do not believe that anyone could have left ‘evil spirits’ in ur house under pretext of TM.
    The woman however who visited your house I assume is a western woman..so I cant say what she could have done
    Another technique however v. common in India is ‘Tona Totka’ literally meaning Voodoo..that again uses negative energies to fulfill ur desires..here one can pass a few negative energies to others to fulfill his/her desires
    But then it could be plain superstition too
    I hope I’m clear dear

  4. I do not think there is any reason to think she had a bag of spirits to hand out and a couple fell out when she left.
    Transcendental meditation is difficult to define, but it involves contemplating that which isn’t the material world. It’s spiritual in nature.


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