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What exactly is Tiphareth?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Qabalah [Hermetic], and seem t keep finding myself stuck on Tiphareth.
From my current understanding, it’s the gates to higher consciousness [To a Christian, Christ, etc.], but I don’t understand how exactly that’s supposed to work.
Also, if anyone could supply some good resources, that’d be great. Thanks.
Yes, that’s very nice, now, do you think I have not read that before?


  1. they are the levels between heaven and hell–try the book “Modern Magick” by Donald Micheal Craig

  2. I have never heard of this. I know nothing about the Qabalah. But I think some people understand, have more consciousness, than others. For instance, Jesus’ parables, the words he said, meant something different.Some people can’t interpret what he was saying, like the disciples, but others can.Some people can understand more than others.Deeper understanding. I think this is what it means.http://zero-point.tripod.com/holistic/Tiphareth.html here i found this.you probably have already seen it. hope it helps you. take care

  3. Find the good and the beautiful in everyone and everything you meet. When you can do this, you unlock all that is good within that person or thing and you too get to experience this goodness.


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