• Socrates meant the meaning to life is to examine life.If a person is not open for others to question his or her thoughts and action, or lives in denial of the motivations that prompt his or her thoughts and action, then it is a waste of his or her life. Such a life is a superficial act, revealing nothing new, nothing unique. Such a life is not “real.” We examine life for the ultimate purpose of life which is to understand

  • Socrates was extolling the virtues of a life lived with direction and purpose. His goal was to have his students, and everyone, reflect on choices made that had brought them to the place where they were, decide if they were fulfilled and moving forward, what sort of mistakes and bad choices they had made, how to correct missteps and unproductive periods in their lives and to take action. He was not about just sitting and thinking about your life, but to actively pursue a different direction if that was necessary. He also taught that all experience is important, because everything that happens to a person and how that person reacts is indicative of that person’s character. Everything can teach us something. He didn’t want people to just blindly stumble along being a pinball bouncing along between life’s bumpers.

    His philosophy was somewhat in opposition to the notion of Fate and it’s controlling influence on a person’s life. He believed humans were responsible for their own destiny–not some whim of the gods. His teachings, besides really pissing off those in control at the time, set the stage for an entire branch of the philosophical tree. The rediscovery of his writings led directly to Mannerism in the Renaissance.

  • It means that the assumptions we make about life don’t help us. Not worth living in the respect that it’s not worth the effort of maintaining some idea of who you are or what something “outside” of you is. Unexamined because we like to assume things of our environment so as not to have to worry about analyzing it. Socrates knew only that he knew nothing.

  • I’ve always thought this to mean without purpose and meaning life has no value. What is the point of life is one just floats through never seeking to learn or experience anything? Never reflecting on what you want to do with your life usually will lead you down a shallow path.

  • It is an invitation or call to formulate the direction of one’s life.
    An update might be: “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know that you’ve gotten there.”

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