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What exactly is the correlation between meditation and dreams?


  1. Meditation and dreaming are two totally different things.
    Meditation is done while you are awake. Meditation is focusing or concentrating your mind on a specific thought or idea. It is used to obtain peace and calm and to alleviate stress. There is a lot more to meditation, but that is the basis to it.
    Dreaming happens while you are asleep. They are images, feelings, and thoughts that pass through our mind mainly from experiences that we have during our waking hours.
    Hope this helps explain the difference to you. Good luck.

  2. It is possible to do Dream Yoga/Meditation where you continue meditating in the dream state. For this to work you would need to be skilled at meditation while awake, and able to be lucid in your dreams. The idea is that in dreams the images we see are not “real” so it’s good practice to maintain awareness of this fact. This should help one to maintain a similar awareness in waking life, which is one goal of meditation.


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