what exactly is the consciousness of the universe?

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How can that be defined in rational terms?
But that’s not one of the names of God mentioned in the Bible is it?

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It’s a philosophical concept “the cosmic conscience”–it like christianity is a philosophy and does not necessarily reflect reality–it need only be logical towards it’s basis assumptions to be a philosophy. Philosophies do not have to mirror the real world, merely be internally logical downstream of the basis assumptions on which they are grounded.

david f

Of course that is defined as God , who is able to be aware of everybody and everything by his omnipresence . To completely explain that in rational terms would be to understand God Himself . No man has ever seen God , but God in 3 parts, being the main core of God is in heaven ,then the word of God manifested in Christ , then the spirit of God which is the omnipresent of God that can be everywhere .


G O D That is pretty simple.


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