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what exactly is telepathy?

i think i may be having telepathy with ppl and i would like to no wat exactly it is. idk just a random question. so wat exactly is it???


  1. The simplest definition of telepathy can be stated as direct communication between minds.
    There is several forms of telepathy :
    The transmission of feeling , those feelings will be usually registered in the solar plexus. This kind of telepathy is very common among humans , animals and vegetables .
    The transmission of emotions and images . This kind of telepathy is also common among humans. I had to do an exercise which was to note every coincidence that could indicate manifestation of telepathy in a single day I noted 6 coincidences or synchronicity phenomena as would have say the psychologist Carl Jung.
    The transmission of words and phrases. This kind of telepathy is the most complex to achieve and require training.
    In telepathy there is no thought transference consider this the universe is composed of the same substance. The universe is the substance[1]. This is a simple explanation of why telepathy exist and why mass telepathy exist as well. In fact a lot of telepathy occur en masse each organization, corporation , city , town, village have its unique mental atmosphere conditioned by the thought of its inhabitants . You may feel more comfortable in a particular city than your own city then may be you are more compatible with the mental atmosphere of the other city. As we are all connected together telepathy affect us all . Those influence may affect you positively or negatively it all depends on your telepathic sensitivity.
    In order to achieve a level of telepathic skill the student must learn to control his feeling in a way to allows the student to let circulate the energy freely between his or her centers (the solar plexus, the heart and the crown chakras are the centers for telepathic communication) . It’s difficult to achieve mental clarity when the mind is under heavy feeling and emotions. The student must become an observer how can you sense someone else thought or feeling if you don’t even listen to your own emotions .

  2. It means to have communication between the minds. Twins, siblings, husband-and-wives and other close relations have claimed to be able to communicate without saying a word. Also called “mind reading.”
    Lol, give the 1st person best answer…she seems to know a lot about it.

  3. It’s when you can hear other peoples thoughts. it sort of sucks when you like someone and know that they are thinking about the bugger in your nose or just looking at you as a piece of meat. Good luck pal. I will suggest a book for you to read to help develop your abilities to a point where you can control them Peace&Love be with you…~M~ Good Witch


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