What exactly is Shamanism?

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and what does it consist of?
thank you Somewhere in Time.. YOU ROCK..

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I’m not sure, but I think it involves Native Americans, its the healer, the one that gets the vision and sees the cure… pretty cool. (yeah forgot almost all cultures have their own version of a shaman..yikes)

Somewhere in Time

It’s hard to define it in one word, I guess. It’s one of the oldest religions in the world and yes, many cultures have had it before they converted to current major religions.
It’s a spiritual way of looking at the world. There is no specific God to pray to. People cherish Sky, Earth, Water, Fire… They do some rituals to show respect to all kinds of spirits, both good and bad ones.
Shamanistic way of living is to live in harmony with yourself and Nature.
To find more info, you can just google it and look at the related websites.


Shamanism is communicating with the spirits around us, and them listening to you. Anyone can be still and listen to the spirits, but the spirits listen to the shaman in turn.
The way I differentiate is if you believe in the spirits and listen to them in your heart then you are an animist. If they listen to you as well, then you’re a shaman.


Shamanism is a spiritual and magical practice found primarily in indigenous societies around the world. It is not a religion in and of itself, and is only practices by certain members of a given culture.
Shamanism is defined by several components:
–Controlled achievement of altered states of consciousness using such tools as drumming, dancing, and psychoactive plants such as peyote and Amanita muscaria
–Journeying via ecstatic states of consciousness to retrieve pieces of a patient’s soul, attack rival tribes’ shamans, or gain spirit allies
–Community service that may include, but is not limited to, priesthood, healing, intercession with spirits and deities, and magical practice (to include hunting magic)
–Interaction with spirits of various sorts, to gain them as allies, or to convince them to not bring harm to the tribe
This is a very rough, general explanation. Here are a couple of links:
Also, if you’re into books at all, http://lupabitch.wordpress.com is my book review blog, and I have reviewed some books on shamanism.
Just FYI, most of what you find in modern how-to books is not traditional shamanism; it’s neoshamanism, often derived from Michael Harner’s core shamanism ( http://www.shamanism.org ). Also, be wary of plastic shamans ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastic_shaman ).
Hope that helps!

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talking to spirits


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