What exactly is scrying? (in religion)?

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That’s weird. I had to put “religion” in the question so Yahoo would let me put this question under the religion section. I don’t think I like this new yahoo set-up.

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Scrying is another word for divination.


scrying is the prcatice of visualization and meditation using water in a shallow dish in either diffused candle light or moonlight. It may be used in 4 manners…
1) to foretell the future
2) truthsaying (finding the truth on a matter)
3) divination of dreams
4) to commune with the spirit world


a form of seeing what others are or may be doing by the use of water or a mirror and any other reflective surface. or just trying to find the location of someone or thing.


IN actuality Scrying is a form of Divination.It is the art of “seeing thing’s” that are not in proximity to you.yes it is taken as the literal way to see the future but it isn’t that at all.It is a way to “peek” in on people and place or thing’s you are familiar with.


It’s a form of divination. Some use a bowl of water, or a mirror, anything with a slightly reflective surface where one can catch images in it. Usually used during a meditative state/trance. People with a high Clairvoyance usually use this form of diviniation.


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