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What exactly is our consciousness?

You are reading this right now. This is where your consciousness is right now, right? What about the rest of the world? Are we really this blind? Focusing only on one thing at a time when the universe is so much expansive than this? If so, how can we open up to a wider awareness?


  1. Stop asking questions, start answering them.
    A good question is worth a hundred answers, but without answers the question is meaningless.

  2. Your higher self.
    His name is Peter.
    He is your guardian angel.
    You are truly oblivious to the things that really matter.
    Try picking up a Bible.

  3. You can open up to a wider awareness through general spirituality, fasting, meditation, and of course tryptamine psychoactives (psychedelic ‘keys’ to free your mind from its normal patterns and structures.)

  4. No one really knows. I suspect it is a function of the soul. But then, oddly, science doesn’t seem to want to admit its existence.

  5. I think about this too alot! And I don’t know if there really is an answer because everything is relative.
    I often question whether everything is actually real or not. Untill we observe it, it does not exist as we know it. I’m not necessarily referring to planets and space exploration.. but on a much simpler scale. In reality, there could be a cat walking past my house right now. But I cannot detect it with any of my 5 senses and I have not been told it’s there. So to me, in MY version of reality… this cat doesn’t even exist until i see,hear,smell something. But why is my version of reality different from the true reality? How do you know there even is a “true” reality. If there is not a ‘true’ reality.. then mabey the cat truely does not exist until you see it. Everything is relative to your frame of reference. Kindof like the quote “If a tree falls and no one is around, does it make a sound?”…Its much deeper than people think.
    As far as expanding your awareness of the universe.. Many people, especially in other cultures, use psychoactive substances to explore consciousness. They feel they are experiencing/exploring other dimensions of the universe normally inaccessible to us.
    Most people argue that what they are seeing during these hallucinations is not real and therefore void. However, there is no way to prove that ANYTHING is real when you boil it down…
    This is really deep.

  6. Maybe of your interest in that interesting question the recent discovery and publlishing of the most important not published work in the history of psicholgy: the red book of Carl Gustav Jung. The collective unconscious already have name: sensosphere. Direct Consciousness, or phenomenological consciousness, is the continuous process of sensorial recording, of all changes in our surroundings. This is very much information. But no worry. Beacuse “you” are not the actor, the subject of all that enormous recording process. It is the “Hard Disck”, the ecobrain (ecosystem) or sensosphere who actualy process sensorial information. Sensations are shared by you and your ecosystem where you were. The formal neural research was so brain-centered that it seemed as if a human only were his or her brain. After to take neuronal action also out of brain (embodied cognition) and also out of our bodies (embeded cognition), the puzzle is O.K.! Sensosphere is good candidate to be considred the main scientific theory of that changing century. It is just now emerging… Good Luck!


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