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What Exactly is Human Intuition?

Is human intuition a spiritual awakening? Is it a third-eye awakening? Or is it just your mind seeing past the data the eye sends to the brain? I just want to know for sure, even if there is no official answer. I want to know what you think.


  1. Here’s what I think:
    Human intuition is your deep gut feeling. It’s like your first instinct; it’s the voice inside of your head (that is right 90% of the time), giving its take on a situation that has no solution yet ahead of time.

  2. Its freedom from thinking
    its a knowing beyond the mind
    It is awakening
    The beginning of the higher mind
    The connection to the divine

  3. To me, it is picking up subtle cues in other peoples faces, mannerisms, body language or picking up subtle changes in the environment, and using all these subtle clues to reach a conclusion even when you don’t have all the evidence you need.

  4. I guess its everything that everyone has said.
    if you believe in a higher power then it could be diving.
    if not then it could be nature. Like it could be something that you know from experience.

  5. According to Hindu Upanishads, Chitta is the
    center of intuition.
    Modern psychologists say that passions have the
    same limitations of senses as they tend toward
    immediate emotional discharge. Chitta is the quick
    acting component of the mind which can be termed
    as leftist or negative thinking part. It is called
    negative because some psychologists felt that it
    separates the received information into pieces,
    contains unintentional and contradictory ideas,
    and lacks internal organisation, inner
    consistency, and concrete solutions. On the
    contrary, some philosophers thought that this is
    the ‘idealistic view’ of thinking about a problem.
    This center can handle divergent thoughts like a
    multi-channel parallel processing hardware in a
    super computer. It is the seat of the element
    Water. It controls the processing of liquids in
    the body and interaction of the body with the
    liquids out side the body. Chitta means emotion or
    intuition. This center is connected with
    instincts, urges, impulses, desires, imagination,
    sentiments, passions, caring, pleasure,
    exploration, unconventional ideas, moods, insight,
    superstitions, immodesty, immorality, analysis of
    details, concern about particular features,
    capacity to find novel relationships, unrestrained
    expressions connected with body or mind, molding
    of past experiences into new constellations of
    meanings, creation of artistic, poetic and musical
    works and the like. Seeing a good work of painting
    or listening to music of one’s liking will set
    waves of emotion in Chitta center. This center
    helps us to imagine things in new ways. It is
    known that lighter side of life like fun may
    contain silly and ridiculous situations. An artist
    is said to go to the extremes to divorce himself
    from environmental constraints. Such is the way in
    which Chitta works. This center has seeds of past
    memories and can access Jnaana center for more
    details of each memory. It controls the
    sensitivity of the sense-organs. If the vitality
    of this center gets reduced due to any reason, the
    sensitivity of the sense-organs also gets reduced.
    For example, the sense-organs feel sleepy after an
    ejaculation in man. Even if the man has very high
    artistic talents, they also will not respond
    normally soon after the ejaculation. It takes
    about 40 minutes before some recovery is felt.
    This center can be compared to a convex lens – it
    provides insight for the subtle. It’s working is
    similar to Differentiation in mathematics. It
    helps to observe all the minor details, and each
    minor detail is given very high importance.
    It may help awakening of the third eye (the
    pineal gland) in some persons.


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