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What exactly is "energy"?

What is really body’s energy? What happens physioglogically? Say, when we do tai chi or drink energy drinks or listen to fast music or redirect our sexual energy, what exactly goes on inside our body? Does it secreate certain chemicals or does brainwaves vibrate faster….what happens?
Thanks. (It’s a very important question of mine.)


  1. Listen to Wayne Dyer’s “The Secret of the Power of Intention,” he talks about this issue for hours. It’s on PBS for free about once a week, but they have a lot of ads for fund-raising in between.

  2. When you do physical acts it’s a chemical that is being released.
    Energy drinks has caffeine in it which pumps everything up.
    But the fact of the matter is CALORIES = ENERGY.

  3. Energy is the ability to do work. Calories in food is also considered energy. Your body always secrete chemicals. Serotonin is a mood boosting chemical that your brain secretes. Energy has something to do with the chemicals and signals your brain secretes, but energy is mostly the ability to due work and these chemicals can increase your ability to work.

  4. If you qualify it to mean bodily energy then you are talking about chemical energy (converted to kinetic energy).
    Bodily movement happens, mostly, due to muscle contraction. Muscles contract when muscle fibers contract (shorten). At the micro level mitochondria are causing that to happen. I suggest you just use wikipedia and read up on muscles.
    BTW “sexual energy” no such thing really, not in the literal sense. Motivations are mental things and are to do with hormones and neurochemical transmitters, not energy.

  5. Energy never ends. Energy is eternal. It is transformed from one form to the other.
    Scientists are trying to understand the transformation of energy. But, noone can really understand it. It is beyound our comprehensive. Even thoughts have energy, frequencies. So, everything is energy.

  6. Energy is what constitutes balance in the universe. Our bodies are equipt with a small amount of this energy as we are a reflection of it’s power. When our inner nature is accepted and practiced, we conquer most of the problems (stress) experienced when fighting the power in nature. We experience happiness and sustained youth. Example: There is a much better chance to survive a car crash or falling down a waterfall when we let our body flow freely. This is why the intoxicated passenger almost always survives while the driver scared and fighting it off results in serious injury or death.


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