• Why? Are you interested? Astrology is about planets being in Scorpio or in Pisces etc and yeah, I think it can be a fun hobby because it gives you the power to know what no one else does (maybe 1 in 1000 person studies astrology) so you can predict yours or others’ future.

  • It is an informative endeavor. The moment you are born, you are neurologically imprinted by the energy fields of the sun, moon and planets. These imprints influence our health, interests, thought patterns, and relationship issues. A study of astrology will help you understand your loved ones better. I recommend Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs book as the first book you should read. It may be in your library. And, astrology is lots of fun.

  • It actually, fundamentally is a belief that things in the heavens, planets or stars etc, can reveal a persons personality or predict their future by the use of personal data like birth dates, times of birth etc.

    some find it fun to read their horoscopes.

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