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What exactly is a Wiccan or Witch?

What do they believe in and what do they do?
I always thought there were actual people out there who claimed to be “witches” that worshipped the devil and tried to put curses on people.
Is there another kind of “witch” out there?


  1. immature girls who like the idea of putting spells on people
    immature boys who think that people prancing around ‘skyclad’ sounds like a good idea
    and immature adults who havent got a grasp of the real world
    — although wiccans like to believe their religion is older than christianity it never had a ‘lineage’
    ‘modern’ wiccan was invented in the 20th century by Gerald gardner

  2. Wicca is a legally recgonized nature-based religion that has roots in paganism, wiccans typically believe in a male and a female deity. There is a wealth of information online and also in bookstores about this religon. It has nothing to do with christianity or the christian devil which they do not believe in. They live by a decent moral code which their rede sums up by saying “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”

  3. Wicca is an earth-based religion. A Witch is one who practices witchcraft. There are as many different kinds of witches as there are christians. ^_^
    And from looking at the “rational” responses you’ve gotten, I’d say some people don’t even read up on any of it… they just assume everyone else in the world is living in fantasyland, while they have a grasp on “reality” rofl

  4. When the witch hunts were going on, it was mostly women who were tortured into confessing to worshiping the devil and putting curses on people. They didn’t have to do it. Innocent people will confess to anything to get the torture to stop. BTW, magic isn’t real.
    Wicca is a religion. Wiccans are people (male and female) who belong to that religion. Most of them practice magic, but not all of them do.

  5. Wicca – a follower of the religion of Wicca. May or may not be a witch. Wicca does not involve the devil, or indeed, any Christian dieties, and Wiccans abide by a ethics code known as the Wiccan Rede, which bars cursing or doing unnecessary harm to others. Most Wiccans believe in a male God and a female Goddess, although there is a great deal of variation.
    Witch – A person of any faith who practices witchcraft. Witchcraft is any set of ritual practices which have the intend in bringing about change in the physical world in line with the witches intent. There are witches of most every faith in the world, and some who have no faith at all. Again, many Wiccans practice witchcraft, but a significant minority of Wiccans do not. Witchcraft is not really practiced to make changes like you see in movies or on TV, but to make more subtle, deeper shifts.
    And I can assure you, I’m a pretty mature fellow, and have a fairly firm grasp on reality. I’m very well educated, am a professional, am a married father of five terrific kids, and am a combat veteran of the United States Marines. If social adeptness and success in life are measures of either maturity or a grasp on reality, I suspect I pass with flying colors. Moreover, most of the Wiccans I know are also proferssionals and are highly successful individuals.

  6. To be a witch you don’t have to follow any particular religious beliefs because “witch” is someone who practices the craft of healing using herbs and oils. Wicca on the other hand is a polytheistic religion or spirituality which centers around many Deities (both male and female) who are one with nature. Those who say that either worship the devil and go about cursing people have been feed misinformation though media (Hollywood movies being the worst of the lot), the old (and sometimes new) Christian Churches (mostly those who still believe women have no right to hold positions of importance in religion or secular areas) and fiction books. As for cursing people the real witches know that if they do they will soon find the curses to be back on them at least three fold.

  7. I’m sure there are people who claim to be witches and claim to worship the Devil, but I assure you, these people are in it for shock value and usually don’t even really practice witchcraft. Satanic witches don’t even worship the Devil as the Christians know him. The only people who believe in the Devil as the source of all evil on the Earth are Christians and Muslims. Yes, there are Christian and Muslim witches, but these people believe that they draw power from God/Allah, not the Devil.
    Wiccans follow the religion of Wicca. Wicca is a relatively new religion founded by Gerald Gardner about 50-70 years ago. Wiccans worship a God and Goddess, revere nature as being divine, and follow the Wiccan Rede which says, “An it harm none, do what ye will”. This doesn’t translate to “harm none” as some newer Wiccans might claim, but means that any action that is harmless is morally acceptable. It says nothing about those actions which do cause harm. Instead, it sets a standard of harmlessness by which a Wiccan can judge his or her actions. Wicca teaches responsibility for your own actions, and Wiccans generally have a concept of Karma. Wicca is a religion that embraces magic and teaches that magic is present in everything in the universe, however, it does not compel its followers to actually practice magic. Wicca certainly encourages the practice of witchcraft, but many Wiccans choose not to actually practice witchcraft.
    Witchcraft is a magical practice that includes herbal lore and candle magic. A witch channels his or her (witch is gender neutral) natural energy with his or her will and causes change in the universe. The word witch comes from the Old English words, “wicce” and “wicca” (“cc” is pronounced “tch” in both cases) which meant “wise woman” and “wise woman” respectively. The word witchcraft comes from the words “wiccacraeft” and “wiccecraeft”, which meant “craft of the wise man/woman”. Witches in pre-Christian England were respected as healers and midwives and people knowledgeable in herbal lore.
    I hope that helps.
    Venus Bless

  8. What you speak of is the Witch of legends and folklore. Actually the devil accusations came more from Christians. And then of course people rebelled against Christianity with devil worship & Witchcraft later on.
    But in antiquity, a real Witch was simply someone who practiced various forms of nature magic or folk magic.
    The word “Witch” comes from an old word meaning “wise.” But most Witches in the past would not have referred to themselves as Witches, because each region had their own word for the people who practiced magic.
    It really had nothing to do with devil worship; it came from older times, before Christianity or any ideas about a devil.
    They were not unified groups. They were people who often learned their craft from having it passed down in the family, or they managed to find a person willing to teach them.
    They’d use herbs to heal, or perform rituals to make crops flourish or rain come, or chant for a successful hunt, or put up symbols to ward off evil in the home or barn.
    Modern Witches do use the term Witch. Vast majority of them don’t believe in the devil, and even most of those who do (Christian Witches) don’t worship the devil.
    Witchcraft is not a power you’re born with, it’s a practice.
    EDIT to correct misconceptions above:
    – Wicca and Witchcraft are not exactly the same thing. Wicca is a religion, Witchcraft is a practice.
    – If the only Wiccans one has met are teenage girls who want to be like the girls in Charmed, then I can see how they would think all Wiccans are immature and silly. However, when you are involved in the Wiccan community, know Wiccan parents, Wiccan grandparents– you see this is not the case.
    – Most Wiccans know that the religion Wicca is no more than 70 years old at best. You can’t judge us all by silly outspoken people on the internet with little education about Wicca.

  9. Almost no one worships the Christian idea of the Devil. Those people are sociopaths.
    Many Satanists do also describe themselves as witches, particularly female Satanists, but they do not worship the Christian devil. Many are atheists who use Satan as a metaphor. Others believe in a pagan deity they call Satan who is significantly different from the christian concept.
    A witch practices witchcraft, which is a magical practice. There is nothing inherently good or evil about it, nor does it require a certain religion. Many witches find “curses” to be unethical. Some believe they are sometimes warranted but recognize there are repercussions. Pretty much all consider randomly cursing people to be the equivalent of randomly beating people up.
    Wicca is a modern polytheistic religion with rituals commonly focused on a god and goddess pairing. They generally do not believe in Satan. They may or may not also be witches. Wiccan witches commonly consider all curses to be unethical.
    More info on Wicca:
    On cursing:


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